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skipping in schools

Long Rope Games

Over the centuries, hundreds of skipping games and rhymes have been made up, handed down, passed around, modified and updated by children. They are fantastic

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Sporty woman jumping skipping rope at gym

Skipping for HIIT

Skipping for HIIT burns almost double the calories of a spin class and is a workout favourite among both A-listers and world-class athletes. With stats like that you need to give skipping a go for your HIIT today.

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Primary School Skipping Rope Set

Primary School Skipping Rope Set

  • Carefully designed pack for teaching skipping skills to primary school-aged children.
  • skip-hop QCA linked Lesson Plans for KS1 and KS2 school children
  • Learning aid DVD for teacher and pupil development
  • Tough ropes to last years worth of lessons
  • Tough plastic storage container
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