The 5 Essential Skipping skills for everyone – START HERE!

We believe that everyone should start their journey by mastering the basic skills as they are the backbone of all styles of skipping

Welcome to world of skip-hop skipping. You have bought your rope and you want to get started…. well, this is where your journey truly begins.

Below are the five essential skipping skills needed to progress and we urge everyone to master them as they are the backbone of all of the skips in the Individual Skipping Skills section.

Double Bounce

  • This skipping skill involves one turn of the rope for two bounces.
  • Jump over the rope and follow this with another bounce when the rope is above your head. It helps to say “one two, one two…” with “one” when the rope is being jumped and “two” when the rope is above you.

Single Bounce

  • This skipping skill is one turn of the rope for one bounce.
  • Economy of movement is essential for this move and, as you read on, you will notice that single bounce is recommended for certain moves and double bounce for others.

Running on the Spot

  • This skipping skill involves one turn of the rope to two steps.
  • This is the same rhythm as the Double Bounce, but with Running on the Spot, one step is over the rope and the next is when the rope is above your head.

Single Leg Skipping (Hopping)

  • Hopping on one leg makes this skipping skill great for developing balance.
  • Try two, three or four hops on one leg and then switch to the other leg. It is important to alternate legs and not just use the one you find easiest.

Backwards Skipping

  • Firstly, position the rope so that it is in front of you and resting across your toes.
  • Arms should be straight and pointing behind you, waist height (like a penguin).
  • Lift your arms up and turn the rope backwards.
  • This is a skipping skill that is worth perfecting because all moves should be executed skipping backwards as well as forwards. Many skippers find it easier to skip backwards and it is particularly good for those trying to skip for the first time.

Have Fun – Keep Skipping
The skip-hop Team

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