Underpants and Disgusting Skipping Rhymes

skipping rhymes underpants and disgusting

Skipping Rhyme #1
Tarzan’s Underwear

Tarzan, Tarzan, in the air,
Tarzan lost his underwear,
Tarzan say, “Me no care,
Jane make me another pair.”
Jane, Jane, in the air,
Jane lost her underwear,
Jane say, “Me no care,
Cheetah make me another pair.”
Cheetah, Cheetah, in the air,
Cheetah lost his underwear.
Cheetah say “Me no care,
Cheetah need no underwear!”

Skipping Rhyme #2
Dream Lover

Dream lover, where did you go?
Upstairs by the toilet bowl.
What you doing way up there?
Washing out my underwear.
How’d you get them squeaky clean?
With a bottle of listerine!

Skipping Rhyme #3

Quick, quick,
The dog’s been sick.
Where, where?
Under the chair.
Hasten, hasten,
Get the basin.
No, no,
Get the bowl.
(name), (name), your far too late,
The carpet’s in a dreadful state.

Skipping Rhyme #4

(name) drank some marmalade,
(name) drank some pop,
(name) drank some other things
That made her stomach flop.
Whoops went the marmalade,
Whoops went the pop,
Whoops went the other things
That made her stomach flop.
(Skipper pretends to throw up at each Whoops)

Skipping Rhyme #5
Whoops 2

(name) ate a pickle,
(name) ate some pie,
(name) ate some sauerkraut,
(name) thought she’d die.
Whoops, says the pickle,
Whoops, says the pie,
Whoops, says the sauerkraut
That made her think she’d die.
(Skipper pretends to throw up at each Whoops)

Skipping Rhyme #6
Standing on the Corner

I was standing on the corner,
Doing no harm,
Along came a policeman
Who took me by the arm.
He dragged me round the corner,
And rang a little bell.
Along came a police car
And took me to a cell.
I woke up in the morning
And looked up at the wall.
The lice and the bedbugs
Were playing ball.
The score was six to nothing,
The bedbugs were ahead.
The lice hit a homerun,
And knocked me out of bed.

Skipping Rhyme #7
Bug and a Flea

A bug and a flea went out to sea
Upon a reel of cotton
The flea was drowned but the bug was found,
Biting a lady’s bottom!

Skipping Rhyme #8
Cinderella’s Bogies

Cinderella, dressed in bows,
Went upstairs to blow her nose.
How many bogies did she make?
One, Two, Three…
How many tissues did it take?
One, Two, Three…

Skipping Rhyme #9
Monkey on the Bed

Two little monkeys
Jumping on the bed.
One fell off and broke his head.
Took him to the doctor,
And the doctor said
“That’s what you get for jumping on the bed!”

Skipping Rhyme #10
Down the Hole

(name), (name) in the tub,
Mother forgot to put in the plug.
Oh my heart, Oh my soul,
There goes (name) down the hole!

Skipping Rhyme #11

I should worry, I should care
I should marry a millionaire.
He should die, I should cry,
Then I’d marry another guy

Skipping Rhyme #12
Kiss the Bin Man

I’d rather scrub the dishes,
I’d rather scrub the floor,
I’d rather kiss the bin man,
Than kiss (name) behind the door.

Skipping Rhyme #13
Julias Caesar

Julius Caesar,
The Roman geezer,
Squashed his wife with a lemon squeezer.

Skipping Rhyme #14
Bubble Gum

Bubble gum, bubble gum, chew and blow.
Bubble gum, bubble gum, scrape your toe.
Bubble gum, bubble gum, tastes so sweet.
Get that bubble gum off your feet!

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