Interactive (more than one skipper) Skipping Rhymes

skipping rhymes interactive

Skipping Rhyme #1
Animal Fair

I went to the animal fair,
The birds and beasts were there.
By the light of the moon the gay baboon
Was combing his golden hair.
The monkey fell out of his bunk
And slid down the elephant’s trunk.
The elephant sneezed
And fell to his knees
And what became of the monkey, monkey,
monkey, monkey, monkey!

Aim: Turners turn a long rope and as many skippers as you want jump in. When someone makes a mistake, that person is out and the song continues until there is one winner.

Skipping Rhyme #2
Spanish Lady

Not last night
But the night before,
Twenty-four robbers
Came knocking at my door.
Went down stairs to let them in
And this is what I saw:

Spanish Lady, Spanish Lady
Doing high kicks

Spanish Lady, Spanish Lady
Taking a bow

Spanish Lady, Spanish Lady
That’s all for now

Aim: Two skippers together in the rope together, doing the actions as they are sung then out and next two in.

Skipping Rhyme #3
All in together

All in together girls
Never mind the weather girls
When I call your birthday
You must jump in.
January, February
March, April, May, June,
July, August, September,
October, November, December!

Aim: Keep going until a mistake is made, if everyone is in turn the rope faster and faster until there is a mistake.

Skipping Rhyme #4
Postman Knocking

Early in the morning at half past eight,
I heard the postman knocking at the gate.
Up jumps (name) to open the door,
How many letters fell on the floor?
1, 2, 3, 4, 5, …..

Aim: Skipper bends down and pretends to pick up letters from the floor between skips.

Skipping Rhyme #5
Salt, mustard, vinegar, pepper

(This rhyme can be performed by a single skipper with their own rope as it can involve a double under on certain words but is also great as a long rope game with good turners.

Salt, mustard, vinegar, pepper,
French almond rock.
Bread and butter for our supper,
That’s all mother’s got.
Eggs and bacon, salted heron,
Pease pudding in a pot,
Pickled onions, apple pudding,
We will eat the lot.
Mabel, Mabel, lay the table
Don’t forget the
Salt, Mustard, Vinegar, Pepper…

Aim: On “pepper” and “supper” try doing the bumps (a double under where the rope travels under the feet twice in one jump).

Skipping Rhyme #6
Easy Ivy Over

The rhyme starts with the rope being swung back and forth, not over

Blue bells, cockle shell Easy ivy over
Swing rope over head on over and continue in normal rope swing.

Oh no, here comes Miss Blackwell
with her big black stick
Now its time for arithmetic

One plus one is?
(jumper responds) Two

Two plus two is?
(jumper responds) Four

Four plus four is?
(jumper responds) Eight

Eight plus eight is?
(jumper responds) Sixteen

Now its time for spelling
Spell cat.
(jumper responds) C-A-T

Spell dog.
(jumper responds) D-O-G

Spell hot.
(jumper responds) H-O-T

Aim: When the jumper finishes spelling HOT, swing the rope as fast as possible till they get it wrong. (that’ll fox ’em)

Have Fun – Keep Skipping
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