Dancing and Movement Skipping Rhymes

skipping rhymes dancing and movement

Skipping Rhyme #1
Cobbler Mend my Shoe

Cobbler, cobbler, mend my shoe.
Have it done by half past two.
If half past two is a bit too late,
Have them done by half past eight.
One, two, three, four.
Back two, three, four.
Glue it, shoe it, hammer, hammer, hammer.
(skipper jumps up the rope while counting one through to four, two times. Then, at the word ‘Hammer’ the turners turn the rope at double speed)

Skipping Rhyme #2
Red Hot Pepper

Policeman, policeman, stop that thief!
Make him jump without relief.
Make him jump and kick his feet,
Make him jump till he is beat.
Make him jump and tap his nose,
Make him jump and click his toes,
And when it’s almost time for supper,
Make him jump like a red hot pepper!

Skipping Rhyme #3
Mademoiselle at the Well

Mademoiselle went to the well,
Combed her hair and brushed it well.
She jumped up high and touched the sky
And twirled around until she dropped.
My left hand, My right hand,
Touch my knee,
Touch my heel,
Touch my toe,
And under I go! (skipper exits the rope)

Skipping Rhyme #4
Lords and Ladies

Lords and Ladies,
Children, too,
This young lady will dance for you,
She is going to turn around,
She is going to touch the ground
She’s going to boogie woogie,
Till her drawers fall down.
She never went to college
She never went to school,
And now she’s back,
She is a nasty fool.

Skipping Rhyme #5
High Kicks

Hey, (celebrity’s name).
How about a date?
Meet me at the corner
at half past eight.
I can do the tango,
I can do the splits,
I can do the turn around,
And do high kicks!

Skipping Rhyme #6
Cowboy Joe

Cowboy Joe from Mexico,
Hands up, stick’em up,
Drop your guns
And pick’em up.
Cowboy Joe from Mexico.

Skipping Rhyme #7
Salome the Dancer

Salome was a dancer;
She danced for the king,
And every time she danced,
She wiggled everything
“Stop!” said king Herod
“You cannot do that here”
Salome said “Baloney”
And kicked the chandelier!

Skipping Rhyme #8
Boogie Woogie

My mother is a dancer,
Boy, can she twist.
She can do the Boogie Woogie,
Just like this.
She can do the can-can.
She can do the splits,
She can do a toe tap ,
Just like this.

Skipping Rhyme #9
Marco Polo

Marco Polo went to France
To teach the ladies how to dance.
Heel, toe and around we go.
Cross your legs and out we go!

Have Fun – Keep Skipping
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