Alphabet and Counting Skipping Rhymes

skipping rhymes alphabet and counting

Skipping Rhyme #1

Cinderella, dressed in yellow,
Went upstairs to kiss a fellow.
Made a mistake and kissed a snake,
Came downstairs with bellyache,
How many doctors did it take?
One, Two, Three…

Skipping Rhyme #2
Mickey Mouse

Mickey Mouse
Built a house
How many bricks
Did he use?
One , two, three

Skipping Rhyme #3
Butcher Shop

Mother runs the butcher shop,
Father cuts the meat.
I’m just their little kid
Running ‘cross the street.
How many times did I cross?
One, Two, Three…

Skipping Rhyme #4
Old Miss Blake

Old Miss Blake baked a cake.
The cake was soggy,
She fed it too her doggy.
The doggy ate the cake,
Then he got a tummy ache.
How many days was he sick?
One, Two, Three…

Skipping Rhyme #5
Count Your Children

Now your married
You must be good.
Make your husband chop the wood.
Count your children
One by One
Now make sure their homework’s done
One, Two, Three…

Skipping Rhyme #6
All Good Children go to Heaven

One, two, three, four, five, six, seven,
All good children go to heaven.
If you’re bad you cannot go.
All the rest go down below.
How many bad ones go below?
One, Two, Three…

Skipping Rhyme #7
Peaches in the Parlour

Peaches in the parlour,
Apples on the shelf.
(Skippers name) is getting tired
Skipping by herself.
How many times did she skip?
One, Two, Three…

Skipping Rhyme #8
Powder Box

Powder box, powder box, powder your nose.
How many petals are in a rose?
One, Two, Three…

Skipping Rhyme #9
Teacher had a Fit

Teacher nearly had a fit
When I learned the alphabet.
Seems I wasn’t very bright –
I could never get it right.
I always got stuck after
A, B, C, D…

Skipping Rhyme #10

Lincoln, Lincoln,
I been thinking.
What in the world have you been drinking?
Smells like liquor,
Tastes like wine,
Oh my gosh, it’s Turpentine.
How many bottles did you drink?
One, Two, Three.

Skipping Rhyme #11
Peas With Honey

I eat my peas with honey,
I’ve done it all my life.
It makes my peas taste funny,
But keeps them on my knife.
How many peas stick on my knife?
One, Two, Three…

Skipping Rhyme #12
I Had a Little Sister

I had a little sister,
Dressed in pink
She washed the dishes
In the sink.
How many dishes did she break?
One, Two, Three…

Skipping Rhyme #13
I Know a Scout

I know a scout
Who took me out.
He gave me chips
Too grease my lips.
How many kisses did he get?
One, Two, Three…

Skipping Rhyme #14
Salute to the Captain

I’m a girl guide all dressed in blue,
Here are the actions I must do.
Salute to the Captain,
Bow to the Queen,
Turn right round
and count to sixteen.
1, 2, 3, 4, 5, ……

Have Fun – Keep Skipping
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