skip-hop skipping skills DVD – 47 skipping techniques and tricks


Includes 47 skipping techniques and tricks

Developed primarily for children between 4 and 12 years old, though truly suitable for ALL AGES the skip-hop INTERACTIVE introduction to skipping skills DVD is a clear, easy to follow instructional resource for schools, clubs or individuals who want to master the skip-hop skipping techniques and tricks. The skip-hop ‘Introduction to Skipping Skills’ DVD includes advice on safety and poise and is packed with an amazing 47 skipping techniques and tricks. Individual, partner, and group/team skipping skills, including information and demonstrations of Long Rope Games and Double Dutch Skipping. All easily searched and accessed through a superb INTERACTIVE one-click menu system.

The skip-hop ‘Introduction to Skipping Skills’ DVD is usable as a stand-alone resource for the teaching of the skip-hop skipping skills in schools or skipping club or community and sports club situation and can be used in conjunction with the free skip-hop KS1 and KS2 QCA linked Lesson Plans. In addition, it can be a valuable aid in teaching and assessing children for the skip-hop skipping award scheme with the skips categorised on the DVD for the Bronze, Silver, and Gold Skipping Awards. Also, all disciplines for the virtual skipping league are demonstrated on this DVD.

All skills on the DVD are individually presented and are indexed so you can view each skipping trick by clicking on its title in the menu, giving interactivity that allows you to view the tricks you are working on without having to search through the whole DVD!! (technology eh? whatever next?)