Playground Skipping Rope Set


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The skipping workshop professionals here at skip-hop have developed the Playground Skipping Rope Set so that it has the perfect selection of professional-grade skipping equipment and instructions to enable schools to deliver skipping sessions to Primary School Children. Ideal for after school clubs or playground sessions If you bought these items individually then the cost would be greater than £280.

20 x 2.5m skip-hop ropes – for KS2 children – approximate height range of 4’ 11″ to 5’ 4″ (1.48m to 1.63m)
1 x 2.8m adult ropes (for tall year 6 pupils or staff)
1 x 7.5m long rope
1 x 4.5m pairs of double dutch
1 x skip-hop tally counter
3 x sets of skip-hop Xtenders (allows conversion of speed skipping ropes to freestyle skipping ropes)
Tough Plastic Storage Container

skip-hop Playground Skipping Rope Set also includes;

skip-hop skipping skills DVD
skip-hop introduction to double dutch skipping
skip-hop introduction to long rope games.

  • Discounted from over £200 (when items bought separately)
  • Designed during skip-hop skipping workshop delivery
  • Entirely designed, manufactured and tested in the UK
  • Set carefully constructed for delivery of playground skipping activity in schools
  • Hard wearing, professional grade skipping ropes