Adult’s (2.8m) Speed Skipping Ropes – Pack of 10

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Designed for Adults and suitable for tall children heights of  5’ 5″ to 6’ (1.64m to 1.82m)

Though simple in construction the skip-hop speed rope is perfect for skipping. All of the skipping techniques and skipping tricks shown on our website can be performed with this rope – suitable for all ability levels – recommended for beginners & experts alike. Although light in weight & extremely flexible the skip-hop speed rope is stable & fast turning.

Manufactured from solid ‘scuff-resistant’ 5.0 mm PVC cord together with ‘grippy’ & shatterproof polyethylene handles this rope is small enough to fit into your gym bag, school bag or even your glove box so it is always on hand.

This rope is for skippers in the approximate height range of 5’ 5″ to 6’ (1.64m to 1.82m). For smaller skippers the rope can be tied in one or more knots below the handles. This makes no difference to the usability of the rope but will make things a little easier if the rope is too long. or see our adjustable cable.

Workshop Style Speed Skipping Ropes for Adults and taller Children 5’ 5″ to 6’ (1.64m to 1.82m)

  • Designed, manufactured and tested entirely in the UK
  • For skippers in the approximate height range of 5’ 5″ to 6’ (1.64m to 1.82m)
  • Developed and used for training skippers in skip-hop skipping workshops.
  • First choice for gyms and sports clubs throughout UK and Ireland.
  • Perfect for all skipping tricks and skills – If you can do it this rope will help you do it better!