Children's Beaded Skipping Ropes


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Our children’s beaded skipping ropes are the perfect gift for your child or grandchild. We provide the highest quality products at the most competitive prices and everything is made in the UK. Our beaded jump rope is made of durable materials and is available in a variety of colours.

Looking for a versatile and durable jump rope to help you learn new tricks and improve your form? Check out our soft bead jump rope! Ideal for beginners or those wanting to expand their rope collection, soft beads offer a quieter skipping experience on indoor surfaces. Additionally, the added drag of the beads in the air provides a heavier feel that makes learning and nailing all those tricks and skills easier.

The experts at skip-hop recommend using a short handle beaded rope to learn the correct jump rope form and technique. Why? Because it sets you up for success from the start. You’ll be able to learn more easily and effectively, setting yourself up for long-term success.

Short Mode Rope Handle. (extenders available)

Our beaded rope has shorter handles, which requires the skipper to have stricter hand positioning to execute tricks. This means that you are more likely to execute the tricks correctly and with the right form.

Holds Shape.

A great advantage of the skip-hop children’s beaded skipping rope is that it holds its shape beautifully as it moves through the air. Being less likely to warp or tangle it makes them ideal for skipping tricks and skills.

Great rope feel

The beads on this rope provide a tiny amount of extra weight and resistance, helping the jumper to feel the cable more as it rotates. This allows them to learn advanced skills more easily, as they have a better understanding of rope mechanics and movement giving great tactile feedback for drilling new skills and strict form.


This skipping rope is built to last, with beads that protect the cord from wear and tear. Plus, when the beads eventually start to show signs of wear, you can easily replace them with spares. So no matter where you choose to jump rope, you’ll be able to enjoy a smooth, comfortable experience.

Children’s Beaded Skipping Ropes

  • Cord Length 2.5 metres (adjustable shorter)
  • Designed for skippers in the approximate height range of 5’4″ (1.63m) and under.
  • Our rope is made with soft, durable material that is quiet on indoor surfaces and has great durability across all surface types. Our beads provide resistance and weight that gives great feedback. Hard-wearing, long-lasting!
  • Beaded by hand in the UK.
  • Perfect for all skipping tricks and skills – If you can do it, this rope will help you do it better and if you can’t yet then this is the perfect skipping rope to learn with!