Double Dutch Skipping Ropes


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Double Dutch Skipping Ropes don’t come better than these! The very top quality so that all your Double Dutch Skipping Skills can be mastered. It can make all the difference when learning to turn and to get skippers into the Double Dutch for the first time. All of the skip-hop double dutch skipping skills can be achieved or when used singly, the skip-hop long rope skipping games can be performed with this beautifully designed rope.
The Double Dutch Skipping Rope itself is fast turning but is also lightweight so that it does not hurt when it tangles with skippers feet. Perfect for learners and younger children in particular. But it can also perform at the highest levels so as your class or team improves you are limited only by your learning.
Once you have your rope, be sure to make full use of the included instructions and the constantly updated learning resources (including videos) on the skip-hop website. We are here to support you in your skipping journey – wherever it takes you!
  • 2 x 4.5 metre double dutch skipping ropes for double dutch skipping or used singly for long rope skipping games
  • Tough and durable but not heavy and therefore not painful on skippers feet!
  • Two colours to help skippers and turners, particularly entering the ropes.
  • Great grip – shatterproof handles.
  • Fast turning but designed to hold a perfectly skippable shape – suitable to learn on but you can go all the way up to display level double dutch skipping with these great ropes.