Intermediate Individual Skipping Skills

We recommend that you master the Basics and Beginners Skipping Skills (#1 to #6) before attempting these Intermediate skipping skills.

Skill #7

….and many more shapes. For these skipping skills, the skipper combines the Bell and Slalom to create different shapes on the floor. e.g forwards, back and right at the same time (i.e diagonal), left, back and right (diagonal) and the skipper should end up in the same place as they started. Another example is forwards, to the right 90 degrees, backwards, to the left 90 degrees (a square). The combinations of forwards, backwards, left, right and diagonals are endless.

skip-hop tip: Some skippers may find it easier to execute this skipping skill by performing a Single Bounce skip with these moves. As with most skipping skills, it looks more impressive, but is harder and far more exhausting.

Skill #8

The skipper performs a normal skip to start. For the next turn of the rope, feet are turned to the left. For the next turn of the rope, feet are turned to the right and then back to the starting position.

skip-hop tip: A Single Bounce skip is recommended for this skipping skill and only small turns of the feet to the left and right. This is an excellent skipping skill to target side obliques.

Skill #9
Wounded Duck

Skip with toes touching and heels apart, then heels touching and toes apart. Skippers must perform small skips without pushing their toes and heels too far apart.

Skill #10
Side Swing

Keeping hold of a handle in each hand and placing them next to each other, swing the skipping rope to the left, then to the right and then jump the skipping rope with arms apart. The shape the skipper’s hands make is a ‘lazy 8’ (an eight on its side). The skipping rope should brush the floor as close to the skipper’s feet as possible without coming into contact with them. This is a classic boxer skipping skill.

Skill #11
180 Degree Turn (Half Turn)

The skipper skips forward, performs a Side Swing (Skipping Skill #10) and turns around at the same time by following the skipping rope as it brushes the floor. As the skipper has turned around, the skipping rope will now be travelling backwards in relation to the skipper. Thus, a 180 degree turn has been made. To reverse this, the skipper starts a backward skip and turns round when the skipping rope is above their head and skips forward.

skip-hop tip: The last part of this skipping skill (backwards skip to forwards position) is helped when the skipper keeps their eye on the middle of the skipping rope as it appears from under their feet and begins to go over the skippers head.

Skill #12
360 Degree Turn (Full Turn)

Start with a forward skip to get the rope moving. As the rope comes over, perform a Side Swing (Skipping Skill #10) and turn around at the same time, as with the 180 degree turn (Skipping Skill #11). Keeping the arms in front and the rope as high as possible, the skipper continues to turn until they have completed a full 360 degrees. The move is finished by performing a forward skip.

Skill #13

The Crossover is another skipping skill that can be seen performed by boxers and many other atheletes during a training routine. Cross the arms and jump the rope with arms still crossed, then uncross and do a normal skip.

skip-hop tip: Skippers should practice bringing the skipping rope over their head and making sure their arms are crossed wide enough and low enough to be able to comfortably step through the skipping rope. Ideally, arms should be crossed at the elbows. This will ensure that when they are jumping the skipping rope, their arms are in the correct position. Many beginners have their arms crossed at the forearms or wrists and positioned too high, all of which will prevent a successful crossover from being performed.

Skill #14
Alternating Cross

Crossing the arms and jumping with the arms crossed (Skipping Skill #13), then uncrossing. Following this first cross, immediately cross the arms the other way – left arm over right and then right over left (or comfortable cross followed by uncomfortable). The full skipping skill is; normal skip, left over right, normal skip, right over left etc.

Skill #15
Continuous Cross

Crossing the arms and continually skipping with the arms in a crossed position.

skip-hop tip: The slower you skip, the more you will do. A Double Bounce is recommended to start with until you get the hang of it.

Skill #16
Side Swing X

Side Swing (Skipping Skill #10) followed immediately by Crossover (Skipping Skill #13). If you side swing to the left, it is the left arm that comes over the body, and vice versa if you side swing to the right.

skip-hop tip: When a skipper has mastered this skipping skill on their ‘comfortable side’, they should repeat it on the other side of the body i.e. left hand side swing followed by crossover and right hand side swing followed by crossover. Exercises like this help develop symmetry.

Skill #17

The starting position:
Skipping rope in front, feet shoulder width apart, left arm pointing to the left and parallel to the ground, right arm pointing directly to the floor and in contact with the torso.
The skipping skill:
Left leg through the loop made by skipping rope, left arm round the back of the head until it is pointing out front. Step right leg out of the skipping rope, move left arm back to starting position and repeat.
The skipper must make sure that the skipping rope doesn’t touch their legs. This whole skipping skill should be performed using the right arm as well as the left. Remember your symmetry!

skip-hop tip: Whichever arm is pointing to the ground must stay completely straight and must not move from the starting position i.e. down the centre of the body pointing at the floor and in contact with the torso.

Skill #18
Turning Rodeo

Rodeo but turning round in the same direction as the arm that circles the head.

Have Fun – Keep Skipping
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