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skipping rhymes submitted by you

Sitting in the Kitchen

Sitting in the kitchen,
Doing a bit of knitting,
In comes a ghost WOO,
And out goes she/he.

This one from Erica Orchard.

Granny’s in the Kitchen

Granny’s in the Kitchen,
Granny’s in the kitchen,
Doing some stitching,
in comes the Bogey Man
and chases Granny out.

(On the word out the first skipper (Granny) jumps out and the second skipper (Bogey Man) jumps in. This can be played continuously as Granny can run around the turners and rejoin the line.)

This one was from J Burt of Crockham Hill CEP which was the first contribution to our submitted skipping rhyme section.

Untitled Skipping Rhyme

__________(name) in the kitchen doing a little knitting,
In comes ___________(name),
and out come ____________(name).

This skipping rhyme was sent in by Katie from St.Mary’s N.G.S – Ireland

Cinderella dressed in yellaa, (yellow)
Went up stairs to kiss her fella, (fellow)
By a mistake she kissed a snake how many doctors did it take,
1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10.……… keep going  until the person stops the rope !
‘I am still playing this at school and I like it.’

This one from Katie Forde from St Ita’s NS. It’s Brilliant! Thankyou.

Over the hills in Mexico

Over the hills in Mexico,
where they do the splits, splits, splits
and they do the high kicks, kicks, kicks
and they turn around, round, round
and they touch the ground, ground, ground
Where they read a book, book, book
and they do not look, look, look
and they jump back out, out, out
and then they do it all again, again, again!

(when you say splits splits splits you jump into the air and land with you feet apart for three jumps. For KICKS jump and kick into the air while you’re up for three times. For AROUND just turn around three times. For GROUND while the rope is going round bend down and touch the ground three times. For BOOK make your hands the shape of an open book and reed for three skips. For LOOK close you eyes for three jumps. For OUT jump out of the rope, go round to the other side and jump back in. For AGAIN start the chant again.) The aim is to see how far you can get to in the chant or how many times you can do it. This is really fun and in my school its the new trend during breaks!

This great skipping rhyme was sent to us from Ciara Hickey St Josephs NS – Ireland

Cinderella, dressed in yella, (yellow)
Went upstairs to kiss her fella, (fellow)
Kisssed a snake by mistake,
and now she has a belly ache,
Girls go curtsey, boys go bow,
Girls go woopsey, boys go row
At curtsey, the jumper curtseys, at bow, the jumper bows,
At woopsey, the jumper pretends to lift up their skirt {or actually lift it up if they have one} and at row, the jumper points their fingers with their thumbs in the air and winks)

And this variation on Cinderella was from Chelsea of Donvale Christian College

One little man in a flying saucer
Flew round the world one day
He looked left and right
But he couldn’t bear the sight
So he quickly flew away. Ole

This great skipping rhyme submitted by Lynne Montier.

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