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skip-hop offer a number of courses to schools in the UK which will leave children, teachers and parents highly motivated, raving about the demonstration and amazed at what the children will achieve in a mere two hours or in some cases, just half an hour. The workshops are suitable for Reception children through to Year 6 in primary schools, right through to secondary schools and colleges.

skip-hop can help with;

Tailored to the needs of the school, we can help you with
Sports/Healthy Schools Weeks
Young Leader Awards
Lunchtime Leaders Schemes
PSHE for KS1 and KS2
Midday Supervisor Training
Inset Training
Skipping Festivals

The Benefits of Skipping - Tackling Childhood Obesity

Skipping Workshops for Infant, First, Primary, Junior and Middle Schools.

The workshops we offer for reception and KS1 pupils are designed to get children started with the basic skills needed to skip. As teachers who have attempted to teach young or inexperienced children how to skip will appreciate, children will hold their ropes in the wrong position, jump at the wrong time and even hold their handles upside down. These lessons will be the start of their journey to mastering the simple but immensely enjoyable art of skipping, offering advice on making that journey a simple and speedy one for both teachers and pupils. The sessions are full of useful tips and ideas to help build children’s confidence to run into a turning rope, develop a sense of rhythm to help them feel exactly when to run, jump and move.

All children from Reception to Year 6 will have the chance to learn individual and partner skills, Double Dutch and traditional long rope games and as the students increase in age, so the lessons become more complex and challenging. Whilst the workshops may be aimed predominantly towards the children in the school, teachers attending the sessions with their classes will be learning a huge range of skills and absorbing numerous ideas which can be employed in PE lessons, after school clubs or lunchtime activities. As with all skip-hop workshops, the day will be finished with a display of the most highly impressive skipping skills performed by a diverse range of children from all classes. Teachers wishing to take part are advised to bring in their trainers… Happy skipping!

skip-hop staff are all qualified skipping coaches with a variety of backgrounds including teaching and the fitness/leisure industry and all have full CRB clearance

Skipping Workshops Options

Every Child Skips is a series of workshops throughout the day for all the pupils (maximum of 8 classes in a day) workshops last 30-60 minutes, depending on the size of the school and the day ends with a demonstration to the whole school performed by children chosen from each session.

Schools with more than 8 classes may wish to do an extra half day or whole day(s)cost:
whole day – £350
half day – £200

Selected Classes Skip is a half-day event involving the classes you would especially like to target. The half-day is spent running workshops and culminates with a floorshow to the whole school. £200

Parent and Child Skip Parents and their children have the opportunity to stay after school for an hour of single, partner, long rope and double dutch skipping. This option is an add-on to either of the above workshops and is a wonderful way to integrate parents into school activities. As the focus of the event is to encourage parent and child to discover ways to skip with each other, we suggest each parent attending brings no more than two children cost: £2 for a parent and £2 for a child.

Funding Skipping Workshops in your School

T Day plus £1 per child. The school claims a PLT day or a half-day and in addition ask the children to contribute £1. Your School Sports Partnership Approach your School Sports Coordinating Officer who will, in turn, approach their Partnership Development Manager and see if there is any funding available for such events. We work with numerous partnerships who organise and fund training for staff and children, projects which often culminate in a skipping festival.

Contribution from Participating Pupils  Children bring in a contribution for the day (normally between £1 and £2). When the day is funded in this way, schools must be prepared to make up the difference on the number of children who do not bring in a contribution.

PTA  PTAs are often keen to fund special events like a skipping day.

School and Sports Partnership courses/events Training day for SSCOs – cover ways to incorporate skipping into PE lessons, knowledge which can then be passed onto teaching staff at schools within their cluster. Methods of teaching children from Reception through to Year 6 are covered along with all safety aspects. We suggest all SSCOs from the cluster be present in order to maximise partnership coverage.

Training day for Primary Link Teachers – covers ways to incorporate skipping into PE lessons.  We suggest all PLTs from the cluster are present in order to maximise coverage.

Training day for MDSs – head lunchtime staff from cluster schools attend a workshop along with the Lunchtime Pals and together they learn how to introduce skipping into the playground as a safe and constructive dimension to playtimes. All the safety aspects, double dutch, partner-skips, long rope and methods of helping children with their general skipping skills are covered.  Please note that lunchtime staff are not expected to skip!

Young Leader/Lunchtime Pals Workshop – training for Lunchtime Pals or Young Leaders to manage the skipping that takes place in the playground. Long rope and double dutch turning, partner skipping and helping other children with single rope skills are covered along with related safety aspects.

Festivals – schools that have had a workshop can attend and participate in a festival to celebrate the partnership-wide project. A combination of workshops, displays and competitions are organised for some or all of the schools in the partnership at a suitable location such as a sports complex, secondary school/sports college or leisure centre.

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