skip-hop workshops for special schools and behavioural/secure units

skip-hop skipping workshops for special schools can be invaluable for the physical, mental, social and sometimes, emotional development of pupils. By bringing skipping into the fabric of any institution, be it a school, sports club, secure unit or special school, a sense of community, fun and fitness is undeniably introduced. To date, skip-hop’s Lee Collinson-James has worked in special schools catering for a very broad range of pupils including those with;

The skipping workshops have, without exception, been a great success and in some schools, the results have been simply astonishing.

As with able bodied children, there is instant, visible proof of the far reaching benefits of skipping on a social and emotional level, and in the long run, discernible increases in levels of coordination and stamina. The regular, small successes that skipping offers results in a constantly rewarding activity and the progress that has been witnessed by staff in special schools after a skip-hop workshop has been profound.

Although much of what happens on the day is the first and greatest stepping stone for many children, it’s what happens after the day that can really counts. Through specially tailored Inservice Training, teaching and support staff will receive in-depth instruction on how to incorporate skipping into PE lessons and the school playground for fun, fitness and as a significant part of a pupil’s general health and well-being.

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Some of the special schools visited;

Secure Units;