Universal Pro Adjustable Skipping Rope


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We could not find the perfect high quality, low cost speed skipping rope on the market. So we made our own!

The skip-hop Universal Pro Skipping Rope is designed, manufactured and tested entirely in the UK. Weight, balance, shape, rope diameter and density have all been considered and adjusted to produce a high quality but cost effective skipping rope that really works!!!! Adjusters on the rope make it perfect for you to tighten to provide low friction stops that rotate in the handle for a VERY fast turning skipping experience. Crossovers, double-unders or even triple-unders all only limited by your dedication to master them.

We wanted to design a rope that could be used as a ‘standard’ rope no matter what your requirements. It turns smoothly and it will last forever on indoor surfaces and for a good amount of time on abrasive, outdoor surfaces like concrete or tarmac (replacement cable available). Priced so that you can give it a try without breaking the bank and suitable for the professional sports person, fitness fanatic or simply if you want to give skipping a go.

  • Incredibly fun and healthy world of sports and freestyle skipping.
  • Fully adjustable – suitable for all skippers to 6ft 4 (1.93m).
  • Speed rope converts to freestyle trick rope with Xtenders.
  • Shaped on ergonomic principles, comfortable to use and turns beautifully.
  • Bring a new dimension to your skipping whether beginner or experienced.