‘Out Goes You’ Skipping Rhymes

skipping rhymes out goes you

Skipping Rhyme #1

Acka wacka soda cracka
Acka wacka boo.
If your father chews tabacca,
Out goes you.

Another version of this rhyme is:
My mama and your mama live across the way.
Every night they have a fight and this is what they say:
Acka backa soda cracker Acka backa boo.
Acka backa soda cracker acka backa boo

Skipping Rhyme #2

As I was walking by the lake
I saw a little rattlesnake.
I gave him so much jellycake,
It make his little belly ache.
1, 2, 3, out goes he (or she)

Skipping Rhyme #3

Bake a pudding,
Bake a pie,
Did you ever tell a lie?
Yes you did.
I know you did.
You broke your mumma’s teapot lid.
O-U-T spells out

Skipping Rhyme #4

Drip, drop, drip, drop
Down by the sea,
Up popped a mermaid,
She said to me:
“Skip in the middle,
One at each end,
Each is a sister (brother),
Each is a friend”

Have Fun – Keep Skipping
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