Intermediate Partner Skipping Skills

Once you have mastered the Beginners Partner Skipping Skills, challenge yourself to attempt these Intermediate skills.

Skill #5
Facing Turn and Clap

The bouncer (the person without the rope) faces the skipper for two turns of the rope and perfoms a Double Bounce. On the second turn of the rope, the bouncer claps twice in time with the bounce. Bouncer then turns 90 degrees and repeats the clap in time with the bounce on the fourth turn of the rope and so on.

skip-hop tip: If the skippers say “bounce, bounce, clap, clap/ turn and clap, clap/ turn and clap, clap etc” it helps them keep time and remember the sequence.

Skill #6
Windscreen Wiper

The skipper and bouncer face each other and the skipper jumps out to the left so that they are not skipping face to face. Then, jumps back in front of their partner, face to face. The skipper then jumps out to the right and then back in front with their partner and so on.

skip-hop tip: Start by performing two turns of the rope in each position and when competent, reduce it to one turn of the rope.

Skill #7

The same as the Windscreen Wiper but with two or more people. Bouncers space themselves out two arms lengths away to allow enough room for a skip in between each person. If the bouncers stand in a straight line and stretch their arms out to the side, they should be able to touch fingertips.

Skill #8
Skipping Leapfrog

As many skippers as can be enlisted line up in a straight line, all with their ropes tied around their waists. The first skipper comes out and starts to skip along the line. (Partner Skipping Skill #7 Travelling) They skip with each person and in the spaces but joining the end of the line and tying their rope around their waist instead of working their way back down the line. The next skipper does the same and ends up standing next to the first skipper. Then the third and so on until it is the turn of the first skipper again.

skip-hop tip: If a basketball or badminton court is available, the skippers can use the tramlines as a guide to where to stand when doing the Windscreen Wiper, Travelling or Skipping Leapfrog.

Skill #9
Chain Skipping (Butterfly Skipping)

Two or more skippers, with a rope each, stand side by side and swap handles with the person next to them. Somebody counts them in and they start skipping simultaneously as if holding their own rope. Both ropes go up at the same time and travel under the skippers at the same time. Skipping in unison is the key and is essential for this to work.

Have Fun – Keep Skipping
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