Skipping Ropes for Schools

If you wish to purchase your skipping ropes using a School Purchase Order you may select this option at checkout. If you need any help in selecting the right product or making sure you have the best deal email [email protected]

Our ‘Every Child Skips’ Initiative has been designed to provide the best possible value when sourcing skipping ropes for your school. Minimum order of 100 ropes. £3.50 per rope (any size).

The perfect skipping ropes for your school. 18 months to develop, the skip-hop speed rope has been designed and tested by professional skippers and workshop providers here at skip-hop. Proudly manufactured right here in the UK. Weight, balance, rope diameter and density have all been considered and adjusted to produce a high quality but reasonably priced speed rope… that works!!!

Whether the skippers in your school just need a strong, tangle-free skipping rope that helps them learn without frustration or distraction. Or if they are looking to work on their times for the 30-second speed skipping trial with the virtual skipping league. Or if they are trying to master any of the skip-hop skipping skills, the skip-hop skipping rope for schools will do the job perfectly.

You can have peace of mind that you have purchased the very best skipping ropes for active children. Enabling all of your children to enjoy their skipping lessons or skipping in the playground or skipping at home.
So join the skip-hop community today and embrace the fun, dynamic and healthy world of sports and freestyle skipping with the skipping specialists.
Don’t forget to register your school with It is a free powerful resource for getting your school skipping and competing and it has been designed for you.

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