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UK Schools Enquiry Form

  School details  
Name of school
  School Details  
Address of school
Telephone number of school
  Contact Details  
Name of contact
Mobile number
Contact email address
We need this information to confirm that this form has been sent correctly
Job title/position
Do you have a direct dial number?
Skipping Workshop Options
Option 1 - Every Child Skips
Option 2 - Selected Classes Skips
Parent and Child Skip
Date or range of possible dates you would like workshop(s)
If no specific date required please put term
  Classes Information  
How many children on school roll?
Are any of them mixed classes?
(eg. Reception/Year 1, or Year 4/5 instead of straight years)
How many classes is that?
(8 or less means we can do the whole school, 10 or more we will have to do two or more days to fit everyone in)
How many children will be taking part?
Are there any children with special needs or requirements of which we should be aware?
What time does the school day start?
Do you have a midmorning break?
yes no
Can the children work through the midmorning break if we need to?
yes no
What time is the hall set up for lunch?
When is the hall normally cleared by after lunch?
What time do lessons start after lunch?
What time does school finish?
Will we be using the school hall?
  If the school are having a workshop after school  
The workshop will last an hour. Is finishing an hour after home time going to be OK or do we have to finish by a certain time?
Do you have any objection to the children being in a position to buy a rope if they would like to?
yes no