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The Difference skip-hop Has Made In My Life - Jonny Callender

Posted on Monday, 23 August 2010 04:23PM by Jonny Callender
As a boxer, skip-hop has added a whole new dimension to the way I train and the way I approach my skipping. Skipping is used traditionally amongst boxers as a way to improve; stamina, rhythm, timing, endurance and overall fitness. It has therefore been carried out as a very standardised and uniform activity that lacks a certain amount of creativity and variety.

skip-hop has opened a door for me with the tools to be more creative with my skipping as I now have skip-hop rope skills and footwork manoeuvres that I never previously imagined I could perform. Skipping to improve fitness, in the context of boxing, often emphasizes only the aspects of endurance and stamina. However during a boxing bout one has to stay well balanced, poised and continue to think on their feet whilst also battling fatigue. Therefore, during a hard skipping session, trying to focus adequately enough in order to carry out the various skip-hop tricks and steps has proven to be a challenging and worthwhile addition to my training. skip-hop has helped me to develop the ability to concentrate on complex and cross lateral (left brain and right brain) footwork and hand movements whilst being fatigued, a vital competetive edge to have in a boxing ring!

I also teach these skills to young people in schools across the UK. The opportunity to travel all over the UK and coach skip-hop through various workshops has been one that I value and am truly thankful for. I understand that skipping, at any age, can be challenging and it is therefore equally challenging to teach. However, it is through these challenges that I have really grown as a coach and (in many ways) a role model. Watching the changes in young people as they begin to understand the benefits of the skills I teach is a very rewarding experience.

For many of the children and adults that I work with, a skip-hop workshop/session is an opportunity to build self-confidence as well as improve physical ability. One of the best aspects of my job as a coach is being able to help someone (of any age) make the journey from ‘no, I can’t do that!’ and eventually, with a little hard work arrive at, ‘wow, I can do it!’. It really is great to see people learn new skills and develop a strong sense of self-pride during my workshops. skip-hop promotes healthy lifestyles and encourages people, of all ages, to get into or stay in great shape through the modernised and diverse form of exercise that is skip-hop!


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Hi Lee,
Just to say thank you so much for the workshops delivered by Johnny last week. We had a fantastic day! It was so well organised and Johnny's manner with the children was excellent. We will definitely be booking again in the future. - Hilary Towers - Deputy Head - Field Lane Primary School - Batley