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skipping workshops for schools - Ireland

"The skip-hop skipping workshop has had a very positive effect on all our children. Skipping is now cool in the yard and the electronic games are left at home" Marion Power, St Cronan's Senior N S, Brackenstown, Swords

"It was great to have you in our schools and all the kids had a fantastic time. One of the parents came to me this morning and told me that as she was driving in her estate during the weekend, there were kids in every street skipping with their parents, there was a great buzz over the weekend and hopefully they will stay like this as long as possible." Anca Lupu - Healthy Schools Coordinator Sacred Heart Senior and Junior National Schools, Killinarden, Dublin.

We offer a number of services to schools in Ireland which will leave children, teachers and parents highly motivated, raving about the demonstration and amazed at what the children will achieve in a mere two hours or in some cases, just half an hour. The workshops are suitable for Junior Infants to 6th Class in Primary Schools, right through to Secondary Schools and colleges.

Due to numerous principals posting comments on the IPPN, schools in virtually every county in Ireland are now making contact to book a day or sometimes two or three...
"I've been in contact with a number of the schools on a regular basis and they all, without exception, have said that the children are skipping like crazy at every given opportunity and that there have been some notable improvements to playground behaviour." Lee Collinson-James, skip-hop

Skipping in National, Primary, Educate Together and Gaelscoils

The workshops we offer for Junior and Senior Infants are designed to get children started with the basic skills needed to skip. As teachers who have attempted to teach young or inexperienced children how to skip will appreciate, children will hold their ropes in the wrong position, jump at the wrong time and even hold their handles upside down. These lessons will be the start of their journey to mastering the simple but immensely enjoyable art of skipping, offering advise on making that journey a simple and speedy one for both teachers and pupils. The sessions are full of useful tips and ideas to help build children's confidence to run into a turning rope, develop a sense of rhythm to help feel exactly when to run, jump and move.

All children from Junior to 6th Class will have the chance to learn individual and partner skills, double dutch and traditional long rope games and as the students increase in age, so the lessons become more complex and challenging. Whilst the workshops may be aimed predominantly towards the children in the school, teachers attending the sessions with their classes will be learning a huge range of skills and  absorbing numerous ideas which can be employed in PE lessons, after school clubs or lunchtime activities. As with all skip-hop workshops, the day will be finished with a display of the most highly impressive skipping skills performed by a diverse range of children from all classes. Teachers wishing to take part are advised to bring in their runners... Happy skipping!

The different courses skip-hop provides are as follows

  • Every Child Skips is a series of workshops throughout the day with all the pupils, lasting 30-60 minutes, (depending on the size of the school), and ending with a floorshow to the whole school performed  by children chosen from each session. Larger schools with more than 8 classes are advised to include the classes from 6th Class down. You may wish to do two days or even three if there are a lot of classes.
    Small schools Schools may wish to run a day in conjunction with another local school, in which case, a suitable venue easily reached by both schools will have to be booked. Historically, this has usually been a village hall, community centre etc. Of course, if either of the schools have a suitably sized school hall, providing the other school is happy to travel, the event can be held there. The cost of the day will be calculated on the total number of children participating.otherwise the cost is the minimum of €275.
    Cost: 1 - 90 students €275, 91 - 120 students €3 per child, 121+ students €2.50 per child. Every Child Skips is very exciting and, if it is funded by pupils bringing in a contribution, there is little or no cost to the school.

  • Selected Classes Skip gives between 30 and 60 children (or two whole classes) the opportunity of working with the coach. The number of children that are chosen to take part should be divided into two equal groups so that each group gets an hour's tuition with the coach. Children will be chosen from each group to present a show of skipping skills to the whole school. The training periods would be from 9.30am to 10.30am and then 10.45am to 11.45am and the show would take place in the afternoon. The show takes 35 to 40 minutes. (The time-table is, of course, flexible).
    (This offer is available to schools with 120 pupils or more)
    Cost: €4 per child that takes part.

  • Inservice Training is 60 to 90 minutes of training designed to equip teaching staff with the know-how to include skipping in PE lessons and lunchtime activities. Inservice for teachers commences after the demonstration or at the end of the school day and staff should be prepared to skip (although it's not compulsory). You may wish to invite staff from other local schools in which case, a short time should be allowed for them to travel before the session starts.
    €20 per teacher. For 5 teachers or more, there is a flat rate of €100. Schools may wish to invite staff from other local schools but please note, the above cost is applicable to each school attending.