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skipping videos

Take a look at some inspirational videos showing how it should be done.

Please note that these videos will take a while to download. Once you see the play button for each video you can watch it. Hopefully it will keep you entertained while you wait for the others......

Skipping Video 1

The acrobatics and dance is amazing and the synchronisation and choreography is breathtaking,
these guys are incredible athletes.I take my cloth cap off to them.

Skipping Video 2

Some wonderful tricks from The Vondelpark Amsterdam

Skipping Video 3

Skipping for all ages, shapes and sizes (promotional video for a game system((well they might as well do some good!))

Skipping Video 4

Some excellent synchronisation, technique and choreography.

Skipping Video 5

Nathalie, Demo, Katrina, Jill and Joline from the Belgium European Championship 2007
Some incredible skipping techniques and skills but it is the working out of the routines
that blows my mind (not that there is much to blow)

Skipping Video 6

Skippers from the Royal Nova Scotia International Tattoo 2008 - This is a jaw dropping display spectacularly demonstrating the Texas Star amongst other things.

Skipping Video 7

Some sound work in very cold conditions from Central Park, New York

Skipping Video 9

skip-hop's very own Aidan Twomey demonstrating the skip-hop adult speed skipping rope