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There are almost as many types and styles of skipping ropes as there are skipping techniques but here is an explanation of some of the different types and some of the ropes recommended by skip-hop.

skip-hop speed skipping rope blue
 skip-hop speed skipping ropes skip-hop adjustable jump rope skip-hop 'double dutch' skipping ropes

Learn about which skipping rope type would be best for you with skip-hop the skipping rope specialists!

Most modern-day skipping ropes are made using cords of plastic, beaded string, leather or plastic-coated wire/cables. Beaded skipping ropes hold their shape well and are highly visible. They areparticularly useful in double dutch skipping ropes and for use as a display skipping rope.
Plastic, leather and plastic coated-cable skipping ropes are designed for higher turning speeds.
Handles are also made of different materials and with different methods of connecting them to the rope itself for varying turn speeds and giving various degrees of control.
speed skipping rope V freestyle skipping rope.

speed skipping rope - this is the most popular type of skipping rope sold in the world today. Simple and cost effective it never the less does everything required to enable a good skipping experience. You can learn all the basic moves with it and it is suitable for children and also adults whether you want to improve fitness levels or you need to use skipping to get the high levels of results required by athletes. The speed skipping rope can be used to learn the boxers skip and also to include some extra skills like crossovers and double unders. The skip-hop speed rope is an ideal entry rope as you can use it to learn but it has the capacity to be upgraded to a freestyle rope by puchasing the skip-hop Xtender at a later date. 

freestyle skipping rope - used in particular by display teams or by more advanced skippers looking to add some new moves to their repertoire. The handles are a little longer allowing more control over the skipping rope allowing execution of more complex skipping techniques. The 
skip-hop adjustable jump rope can switch between speed skipping rope and freestyle skipping rope modes with ease.

The handles for beginners are best if they are light weight plastic like the skip-hop speed skipping ropes. All skip-hop dance, tricks and workout skipping moves are best performed with the standard speed rope or the skip-hop adjustable jump rope which have been designed especially for this use. The optimum length for individual skipping ropes for a beginner is with the handles reaching to just below the armpits while standing on the centre of the rope. More advanced skippers would normally have slightly shorter ropes and the very advanced can use extremely short ropes. The skip-hop speed skipping rope can be shortened easily by tying a small knot under the handles which is handy if you want to buy longer skipping ropes for children to grow into. Alternatively you can opt for the  skip-hop adjustable jump rope

For skipping at a higher 'workout' level or for martial artists or boxers it is possible to use a heavier rope which can help with body conditioning. skip-hop will soon be releasing a weight module to add to the skip-hop adjustable jump rope for this purpose.

For group skipping games there is the 4.5m family skipping rope or the 7.5m 'long rope' skipping rope, these utilise the same features as the individual speed ropes.

For double dutch skipping we supply  
'double dutch' skipping ropes again available with the same materials.

 skipping with skip-hop speed rope 
skip-hop Universal Pro Adjustable Skipping Rope - Graphite, 3.1 m
skip-hop Universal Pro Adjustable Skipping Rope - Graphite, 3.1 m
This skipping rope is designed by skip-hop to provide a simple, adjustable, cost effective speed rope. Suitable for indoor or outdoor skipping. Perfect for fitness training or for boxing or martial...
Our price: £6.99 390 in stock
[2.8SP] Adult (2.8m) speed skipping ropes
[2.8SP] Adult (2.8m) speed skipping ropes
For skippers in the approximate height range of 5’ 5" to 6’ (1.64m to 1.82m)
Our price: £6.99 732 in stock
[3.1SP] skip-hop adult (3.1m) speed skipping ropes
[3.1SP] skip-hop adult (3.1m) speed skipping ropes
For tall skippers - 6ft (1.8m) and over
Our price: £6.99 901 in stock
[DDB] Double Dutch (2 x 4.5m) beaded skipping ropes
[DDB] Double Dutch (2 x 4.5m) beaded skipping ropes
Each skip-hop beaded double dutch rope comes with skip-hop introduction to double dutch skipping.
Our price: £16.99 955 in stock
[DDSP] Double Dutch speed skipping ropes (pair)
[DDSP] Double Dutch speed skipping ropes (pair)
Though simple in construction the skip-hop double dutch skipping ropes (speed) are perfect for double dutch skipping. All of the double dutch skipping techniques shown on our website...
Our price: £12.99 918 in stock
[F] Family Rope 4.5m speed skipping rope
[F] Family Rope 4.5m speed skipping rope
Family Speed Skipping Ropes for long rope games
Our price: £8.99 867 in stock
[L] Long Rope (7.5m) speed skipping ropes
[L] Long Rope (7.5m) speed skipping ropes
skip-hop long rope for all long rope games for larger groups
Our price: £11.99 843 in stock
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