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skip-hop's 'The Edge' for Your Sports Training

Posted on Thursday, 09 September 2010 07:28PM by Jonny Callender
Many of you may have found the ‘skip-hop boxing’ page whilst trying to find out how to garner all the strengths and positives of skipping ‘as boxers do’. Whatever your particular sport may be, you will benefit from incorporating skip-hop into your training. Field sports including football, rugby, netball and hockey require players to be alert and at their best for the duration of a game. Further sports such as tennis, cricket and basketball can also be considered here. Within a single game a player will perform many tasks, many of which will involve running. The way in which a player would runs could be categorised as follows;

• Short burst, powerful sprints, perhaps whilst in possession or to be first to the ball.
• Longer sprints when jostling for position or whilst returning to position.
• Slower paced run (jogging), perhaps when keeping up with play whilst preparing to make a move. 

When training yourself to compete in these field sports, varying the pace during your training is vital in order to replicate and therefore prepare for this. This is where skip-hop's 'The Edge' proves advantageous.

Even if you are new to skip-hop and find that you can only perform double bounce and single bounce skips you are still able to train appropriately with your skip-hop rope.

Skipping for a duration of anything from 10 to 60 minutes you are able to mix the pace of your work with both double and single bounce skips. For example, during a 15 minute rope workout, you can double bounce skip for 4 minutes and then up-the-pace by single bounce skipping for 60 seconds. Having completed the faster paced 60 seconds, you can then return to your double-bounce skip for 4 minutes etc, until your 15 minutes is completed. As you become more proficient you can add complexity to your skip-hop training programme. For similar workouts with more detail and direction, please visit the skip-hop workout page.

 skip-hop hockey training     skip-hop is a great ‘mind gym’ workout, meaning that it is a superb exercise for your brain; improving co-ordination, timing and economy of movement. This is also crucial to skip-hop's 'The Edge' training philosophy. Varying your rope manoeuvres whilst skipping is a great way of training yourself to execute particular sports moves during a game. If you are able to mix in side-swings, crossovers, continuous cross’ etc into your skip-hop workout, then you are forcing your mind and body to co-ordinate effectively even when fatigued. Training your body to carry out certain moves whilst battling fatigue is extremely beneficial and can give you that vital edge over your competitors.

Boxers utilise skipping in their training for all of the above reasons and many of you training for ‘individual’ sports can also benefit in the same way. Many athletes including track and field competitors, gymnasts and those competing in indoor sports such as badminton and table tennis can also reap the rewards of a skip-hop training schedule. So whatever your sport, from throwing a perfect right-cross in a boxing ring to spiking a volleyball on the beach, skip-hop will add 'The Edge' to your performance. All you need is a skip-hop rope and some inspiration and you can find both here at Browse our skip-shop ropes selection to find the rope that is right for you and get inspiration and instruction from our skip-hop skipping workout page. Remember to keep visiting us here at skip-hop as we regularly update this site with great new workouts and skip-hop training tips and ideas.