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skip-hop trains with London Academicals Hockey Squad

Posted on Tuesday, 07 September 2010 12:03PM by Scott Robert-Shaw
skip-hop hockey training  What the London Academicals Hockey Club Players had to say about skip-hop on the day...

"It really helps with agility and footwork and certainly can be used for a workout. Dan and I were talking and would like to chase a few ideas from a men's club perspective."

"Thanks for .. the skipping. Hilarious, and a hard work-out!"

"The skipping was genius. They were all good boys, showed us loads of moves and we skipped for about an hour and forty five minutes. Be keen to get them back too."

"Skipping went down a storm yesterday!"

"Skip hop was a great success, good guys and we should aim to use them again. Andy's found a new skill!! It made the club day."
Both the ladies and lads of the London Academicals Hockey team took to the AstroTurf for some pre-season training last Saturday. The idea of pre-season training is to dust away any cobwebs that have gathered over the summer and prepare the body and mind for the season ahead. Last weekend however, the London Academicals took a different approach to their pre-season training and invited the skip-hop team along to bring some fresh new ideas and to get the squad in the best shape ever to ensure a successful 2010/2011 season.

skip-hop hockey training

The Theory: skip-hop have developed a training program for amateur and professional sportsmen called 'The Edge'. Tailored for the particular sport or for the club team or individual using it the idea across all sports is pretty much the same. Simply put, as the sports person or team grows more tired towards the end of a particular endeavour then 'form' starts to suffer. Fine motor skills that are required to execute particular moves and also mental processes required to make instant tactical or sporting decisions like shot selection all deteriorate with growing fatigue. What this means is that competitions can be won by preparing to be better than the opposition at this crucial point, gaining a competitive advantage or indeed 'The Edge'.

The Practice: skip-hop 'The Edge' training involves using typical skipping techniques used for generations by super fit athletes including famously - boxers. skip-hop skipping enables improvement in fitness levels, stamina, footwork skills and fine motor skills in its own right. The difference with skip-hop is that throughout the routines we incorporate more complex moves. This forces high levels of concentration and develops the ability to think and plan ahead even when fatigue starts to kick in. Also the complexity of the moves improves the connections between the brain and the muscles needed to work together to pull off complex moves. This improves the reaction times for the sportsmen which can make all the difference in coming out on top in that competitive situation.
skip-hop hockey training

skip-hop individual skills

We started with individual skip-hop skipping skills, these are not only great fun but provide the basis of a skip-hop routine which is designed to develop fitness levels, coordination, reaction times, fine motor skills and crucially the ability to execute complex movements when fatigued. We spent about half an hour working on skills like 'The Crougar', crossovers, doubleunders, 180's and 360's. We also held a 30 second speed skipping competition, won by the lads with a score of 85.
 skip-hop hockey training
 skip-hop hockey training  'The willingness of everyone at London Academicals Hockey Squad to get stuck in and have a go at everything we threw at them made working with them an absolute pleasure- thanks guys.

Scott Robert-Shaw
 skip-hop hockey training
Partner Skipping with skip-hop. Team building

The main objective of the session with this hockey team was to create a fun alternative way of training whilst of course building on fitness levels, our next target was to develop and encourage teamwork.

skip-hop have developed some fantastic team building exercises. Most see skipping as an individual activity but when partner skipping, success requires you and your teammates working together. Partner skipping is a very useful form of team building. These partner skills range from very simple techniques to extremely difficult ones and from two skippers to multiple skippers working together at the same time.

The reason these partner skills can be so useful is because it relies on multiple participants completing the technique in exactly the same way. They must jump at the same time and they must jump the same height, however, the most important factor when carrying out a partner skip technique is communication.  It is very important that the skippers talk to each other for timing purposes and so that both skippers know exactly what they are doing and when they need to do it. So whilst partner skipping can be extremely good for improving communication, timing and decision making, it is also a great chance to have a lot of fun.
 skip-hop hockey training skip-hop hockey training

skip-hop Team Games
Long rope games take the fun up to a new level with team achievements and also a 'last man standing' competetive element ensures good concentration from everyone , high participation levels and always something to talk about in the club house after training. Long rope games can provide a great way to warm up the squad before training or even a great way to end your training session on a high. For more information regarding long rope games please click here

 skip-hop hockey training skip-hop hockey training
skip-hop hockey training

"For the end of the session it was over to skip-hop coach Jonny Callender to take the squad through a taster of how a skip-hop training session might be used when incorporated into training. This is what Jonny had to say about the day....

Having been taken through the skip-hop basics and then shown some of the other team building ideas like the long rope games, the lads and ladies of the squad were ready to try one of my own (very basic) skip-hop training programs. With a mixture of single bounced skips including sprints and raised knees, the team completed three tough rounds of skip-hop speed skipping.

Once the hard work was over and the team had had a good warm down, they were all in agreement of two things. The first was that it had been hard work and a great training session and the second (and perhaps more importantly) was that they had all had great fun.

Improving footwork and stamina is important when training for so many sports and hockey is indeed one of them. We at skip-hop hope that all at the London Academicals continue to get the most out of their skipping and wish them all the best for the coming season." Jonny - skip-hop Coach

skip-hop hockey training