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skip-hop boxing workouts

This is a tried-and-tested workout that I have used in the boxing gym for many years. I tend to end the session with this workout having already sparred or completed bag work. If I have to shed some weight for a forthcoming contest, I layer up with clothing or throw on my sauna suit and this workout is guaranteed to sweat that bit of weight away.

The bursts of exercise between rope work trains boxers to be explosive, upping the pace and training the body to find another level when needed. Furthermore, the exercises work the whole body, from your legs all the way up to your shoulders and neck. For those reasons, this is a great work-out for boxers or those of you who are trying to achieve a boxers level of fitness. I have split the workouts into three different levels; Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced. The advanced workout is only for those confident in their fitness and is not easy, so I would advise that if you are new to skipping workouts you have a go at the Beginners program first. 

First things first, always WARM-UP before undergoing any workout. You need to get the blood pumping round your body and around all your muscles BEFORE you do any sort of stretching as this should prevent pulling any muscles. You can use the rope as a warm-up, skipping at a steady pace, enough to increase your heart-rate. Once warm, you can then go through all the motions of stretching, from head-to-toe ensuring you’re nice and loose.

A few more things you’ll need to know before beginning. This workout is great when done on your own or in a big group/team session; all you need is space to skip safely, a rope and a clock/stop watch. The workout’s based on interval training, meaning it involves work at a steady pace with bursts of high intensity exercise. Also mixed into the workout are some basic floor exercises.

The simple format of the workout is as follows;

Normal skipping 60 seconds
Up the pace 20 seconds
Normal skipping 10 seconds
Specified floor exercise x10
Normal skipping 60 seconds

When I say NORMAL SKIPPING, I mean a medium paced skip. This is a good time to enjoy the rope, try new things and really vary your skipping.

UP THE PACE, refers to a 20 second burst of one of three rope exercises in rotation. The rope exercises include:
SPRINTING – sprinting whilst skipping for the duration
RAISED KNEES - whilst skipping the knees should be raised in an exaggerated fashion, as if raising the legs over invisible hurdles
DOUBLE UNDER – completing two rotations of the rope around the body with only a single jump in between.

skip-hop tips for the workout

The floor exercises should all be carried out properly between the rope-work. Don’t cut corners and not do the exercise properly as you will only be cheating yourself. Furthermore, if you are feeling the strain of the workout (which you really should be) then use the intervals of NORMAL SKIPPING to skip at a steady pace and regain your energy. The main thing is that you keep the rope moving, regardless of fatigue.
This is a workout that can be altered to suit your own ability or the ability of others as there are ways of increasing or decreasing the intensity. If you are leading a group of people through the workout, ensure you keep an accurate eye on the timings and give clear commandments in order to get the most out of the exercise.

All three workouts can be further intensified by increasing intervals of high paced rope work and also increasing the amount of each floor exercise carried out. Similarly, the workout can also be made less intense by reducing the duration of high paced work and also doing less of each floor exercise in between.

I hope you can get the best out of the workout whether it is used to improve athletic performance or simply to get into/stay in shape.

skip-hop boxers workout - beginners

skip-hop boxing workout - intermediate

skip-hop boxers workout - advanced


Jonny Callender