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skipping in the playground

skip-hop can provide a set of ropes and guidance for use in the playground. The playground equipment sets include ropes for individual, partner, long rope and double dutch skipping along with guidelines on making the playground a safe and structured environment for skipping activities.

Schools that have had workshops from skip-hop coaches comment on how keen the children are to continue skipping to improve their technique and the number of skipping tricks that they can perform.  Access to a variety of playground equipment at break and lunchtime is undeniably important and skipping ropes should be an integral part of the provisions on offer to children.  When children have ropes at their fingertips they will skip and even just 15 minutes skipping a day will produce over an hour's extra exercise each week. Children can also work through the KS1/KS2 skip-hop awards and even attempt the skip-hop 20-20 challenge!  Feedback from head teachers indicates that the atmosphere in the playground can alter dramatically after a skip-hop visit as children put into practice all the new skipping tricks and skipping skills learnt during our visit to the school.  A playground set and access to the resources we provide will enable the whole school to enjoy some of the long-term benefits of a visit from skip-hop.

Training for Midday Supervisors and Lunchtime Skipping Pals
skip-hop coaches can provide training on the use of the playground equipment set for Lunchtime Staff and anyone involved with playground supervision as part of a skip-hop day.  Coaches can also work with selected pupils to train them to become lunchtime skipping pals, encouraging the effective use of the playground equipment set and developing skipping in the playground.  skip-hop will also provide advice on creating a safe skipping zone in the playground.

The skip-hop playground equipment set allows children to exercise and challenge themselves. It also encourages children to play together in a safe and structured way; factors all identified as key in making improvements to playgrounds and playtimes. 

The playground equipment set can be used as a resource for PE lessons and also in the other lesson plans available on the site.  These lesson plans show how skipping can be integrated into QCA and Primary Framework planning units for english, maths, science and ICT.