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Links to QCA Music Planning Units

Unit 4: Feel the pulse – Exploring pulse and rhythm
Incorporate skipping rhymes in the introduction and encourage children to skip.  The fact that they can skip to the rhyme indicates that the music has a strong and regular pulse
In the final section, use a skipping rhyme for children to accompany.  They could use the rhythms of the feet, the rope and the hands turning the rope as starting points for the accompanying rhythms.  Children could even skip their accompanying rhythm.

Unit 10: Play it again – Exploring rhythmic patterns
Use lines from skipping rhymes as the ostinato patterns
Use skipping as a theme to make a collection of phrases for the final composition
Children could use the rope as they skip to provide one of the rhythmic patterns

Unit 14: Salt, pepper, vinegar, mustard – Exploring singing games
Use skipping rhymes on the website as a source of songs for children to perform and some new ideas for you to teach the children