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Long Rope Skipping Techniques

This information is downloadable in PDF format to all registered users of this site. To download please log in or register here you will then find the file at the bottom of this page.

Please read the following simple guidelines before attempting any skipping. Make sure you have plenty of space and that the surface is suitable for running and jumping.

Turning a long rope

To start with, turners need to ensure they are positioned so that at least a metre of rope is hitting the floor when it is being turned. The rope tension can be adjusted while turning by taking a step forward or back, or by wrapping the rope around the hand the required number of times.

Family Rope 4.5m speed skipping rope Hold the handles properly making sure that at least 2cm of handle is visible from where the end of the thumb finishes.

Long Rope (7.5m) speed skipping ropes  A 7.5m rope is a lot of rope to handle and we would advise novice turners to start off by shortening the rope by about a third. DO NOT CUT THE ROPE! Shortening the rope is easily done by wrapping the rope around the hand that is not turning the rope. So, if you are right handed, wrap the rope around your left hand four or five times and then hold the rope about a metre down the rope with your right hand and turn from this point. Vice versa if you are left handed. The other turner simply holds the rope by the handle and turns. The turner with the rope wrapped around the hand can then adjust the length and tension of the rope by either walking towards or away from the other turner or by wrapping/unwrapping an extra turn of rope around the hand. Turners should make circles that are about 75cm in diameter. The arm should be almost straight at the bottom of the circle and should bend slightly at the top of the circle. The hand should pass in front of the face at the topmost part of the circle.

Entering and exiting the rope

Skippers run in when the rope hits the ground and they must queue next to the turners and not at rightangles to the rope. They must also exit the ropes by the turners, running as close as possible. Please note Skippers are free to enter a rope from wherever they feel confident and many skippers can work out when to jump into moving ropes from many angles. The very good can enter a rope from any angle including leapfrogging a turner and landing in front of them. But without doubt, the easiest way to get into moving ropes is from a position next to the turners.

Good games to play

Clusterjump - 7.5m long rope First skipper in, second skipper stands behind number 1 (for single file),third person behind number 2, fourth person behind number 3 and so on. Skipping Technique Tip Getting the skippers to jump in the rope next to another skipper means you should get twice as many in than single file i.e. number 1 besides number 2, number 3 besides number 4 etc.

Figure of 8 - 4.5 family or 7.5m long rope (also known as “Miss a Loop” , "Keep the Pot Boiling", "Keep the Kettle Boiling"). Ropes are turned so that they travel away from the waiting skippers as they touch the floor. Skippers start at A) they run and jump the rope once at B) and then run round the back of the other rope turner. Then they wait beside the second rope turner C). They must wait for the last person in the queue to get through before heading back and jumping the rope from the opposite end. The path taken is in the shape of an 8. If someone misses their turn or makes a mistake they are out of the game until there is one winner. Every consecutive turn with a successful jump can be added for a grand total which you can be remembered as the target to beat next time!

figure of eight

Chase the Fox - 4.5m family rope or 7.5m long rope needed The route taken by the Fox is the same as a "Figure of Eight" so it is worth having that route in your head before starting the game. The Fox runs under the rope and out the other side on the first leg of the "eight" and the other players follow. The Fox returns, avoiding the rope as before, with the players following. They then repeat but with the the Fox jumping the rope once. On the way back through they jump the rope twice, then three times, then four etc. If a player makes a mistake, a rope turner takes over where the player left off. If the Fox makes a mistake, a new player takes over and the games starts from the beginning.

For more examples of skipping rope games click here

Happy skipping!

The skip-hop team

This information is downloadable in PDF format to all registered users of this site. To download please log in or register here you will then find the file at the bottom of this page.
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