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Links to Primary Framework Literacy Planning Units

There are many opportunities to use skipping rhymes as the starting point in Poetry Units.  There are opportunities in all the following units for children to use and write their own skipping rhymes as part of their learning.
Skipping rhymes are all about performance.  Partner skipping, long rope and double dutch provide the opportunity for a variety of actions and sounds to be incorporated into performances of poems and rhymes.
There are 64 skipping rhymes on the site, so take your pick!

Year 1

Unit 2 – Pattern and Rhyme

Year 2

Unit 1 – Patterns on the Page
Due to the repetitive nature of some of the rhymes, they could be used to explore the structural patterns and layout of different poetic styles
Unit 3– Silly Stuff
Many skipping rhymes have a nonsense element and create very amusing images!
E.g. Tiny Tim

Year 3

Unit 1 – Poems to Perform
Why not skip to perform poetry?

Year 4

Unit 1 – Creating Images
Poems to perform with actions and sound effects
Unit2 – Exploring Form
Poems to be performed

Year 5

Unit 1 – Poetic Style
Unit 3 – Choral and Performance