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Lee Collinson-James

"Lee's annual skip-hop workshops have become one of the highlights of our school year. His injection of enthusiasm and ideas provides the perfect impetus to get the children skipping. The workshops boost the children's confidence and skills and has enabled us to promote skipping as a fun and healthy activity for lessons, after school activities and playtimes." Mark Stubbings, Headteacher of Brookfield School, London

Before my career in skipping, I was a professional guitarist, this part of my career lasted 17 years and took me all over the world. Within minutes of watching a skipping demo, I was struck by the overwhelming similarities. Skipping is about rhythm. Skipping is about coordinating several parts of your body to work in conjunction. A bit like playing a musical instrument really.
The more involved I become with skipping, the more parallels I see with music. Having the ability to hear the foot fall, hear the rope striking the ground, has a great deal to do with being able to skip smoothly and accurately. Coordinating two hands, two feet, eyes, ears, brain, lungs - could dance not be described in the same way? So this is where skip-hop is forged. Skipping, dance, music...
The joy that this job has brought me is almost impossible to describe without sounding a bit gooey. Working with children is great. Every school is different, every child is unique. And every day I have learnt something from them. There has yet to be school that hasn't produced on the day, the most unlikeliest heroes. On a recent trip back to The Mosely School in Staffordshire, I sat amazed as children who I had trained up for the skip-hop skipping skills DVD six months before, demonstrated their new found skills. And they were incredible. 
My career in skipping started in 1999. I coached for 8 years, honing my skills and developing ideas before starting to come up with the idea for a brand new company and a new concept in skipping. At this time I went into business with my now co-director Scott Robert-Shaw. Together we spent 18 months developing the new concept of skip-hop before launching it in April 2008.  In my now 10 years of skipping instruction, I have worked in over 1700 primary and secondary schools, (around 300 of which have been in the Irish Republic alone) numerous sports establishments and academies, summer camps and festivals. I personally trained the the head of Physical Literacy and fellow coaches for Leinster Rugby Club and worked closely with the Wexford GAA. During my career, I have taught in schools all over the UK, Ireland, Brazil and Hong Kong. 
Developing skip-hop has been enormously satisfying and I hope it gives you as much pleasure.

Happy skipping
Lee Collinson-James

“Dear Lee, Thank you for the skipping workshop. We have been skipping ever since. It was the best thing that ever hit St Louise’s enjoyed by everyone. It is wonderful for lunchtime - everybody enjoying themselves - no squabbles. Best Wishes, Sr Justine O’Brien” Principal, St Louise’s Senior N S, Ballyfermot, Dublin 10

“The skip-hop skipping workshop has had a very positive effect on all our children. Skipping is now cool in the yard and the electronic games are left at home” Marion Power, St Cronan’s Senior N S,Brackenstown, Swords