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Individual Skipping Techniques (videos)

skip-hop skipping technique 1) the double bounce

- one turn of the rope for two bounces. This is is exactly what it sounds ie. one bounce over the rope followed by another when the rope is above the skippers head.

skip-hop skipping technique 2) the single bounce

- one turn of the rope for one bounce. Economy of movement is essential for this move and, as you read on, you will notice that single bounce is recommended for certain moves and double bounce for others.

skip-hop skipping technique 3) running on the spot

-one turn of the rope, two steps, one below the feet, one above the head.

skip-hop skipping technique 4) single legged skipping

- make sure you are alternating between legs and not just using the one you find easiest.

skip-hop skipping technique 5) backwards skipping

- turning the rope backwards. This is one that is worth nailing because all moves should be executed skipping backwards as well as forwards.

For more advanced skipping techniques please visit the skipping tricks section of our website.