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Get Fit for 2011 with skip-hop

Posted on Tuesday, 04 January 2011 11:31AM by Aidan Twomey

Every year at this time millions of people vow, that after they have self-indulged over the Christmas period they are going to get fit and “turn over a new leaf”. Did you know that roughly one million people joined their local gym last new year new year?
And while it is great that they recognise the need to stay in shape, the harsh reality is that, by now, 70% of them will have stopped going.
This is for many reasons mostly just set un-realistic targets that are not interesting, fun or exciting. Its a proven fact...if fitness seems like a chore...YOU WILL NOT KEEP IT UP.
Fitness and going to the gym obviously takes up time and is expensive depending on the area, these are often contributing factors into the reasons that new year gym membership gets cancelled around February time.

skip-hop believe passionately that skipping is one of the BEST forms of exercise and fitness around. It works your whole body, working on your cardiovascular system (heart and lungs), it builds new muscle whilst toning muscle that was already there and releases more calcium into your body therefore making your bones stronger. Not to mention it works your core muscles, is amazing to improve your agility and is perfect for building your stamina. 

skipping also burns hundreds of calories in a small amount of time. At a fast pace with good technique you can burn about 20 calories per minute. Some may perceive skipping to just be jumping up and down with a rope, but here at skip-hop being all trained fitness professionals we know that exercise diversity is so important. Basically its important that whilst skipping you “mix it up” using tricks and techniques that help burn those calories faster...Diversity in skipping also makes it interesting and exciting. Always learning new moves, after a while you’ll forget your exercising and you’ll have something to show off with in the gym. Learning new skills isn’t always easy but here at skip-hop we have loads of resources for you newbies to use. From just simple descriptions of moves, to pre-made workouts and DVDs that show you all the moves. Learning skipping has never been easier.

In this day and age people are always so busy. Sometimes to busy to have any free time let alone time to exercise. However, the nice thing about skipping is that the sport is so practical. All you need is a skip-hop speed rope, a bit of imagination and a spare 5-10 minutes a day and before you know it skipping will become a little part of your day, every day.

So this January, do yourself a favour...forget the gym membership. You can experience a diverse and challenging new form of fitness, that is cost effective and doesn't take up your whole daily schedule. Roll up your speed rope...put it in the glove compartment of the car and set aside just 3-5 minutes to start with (as you’ll soon find out, this is a long amount of time whilst solidly skipping) and get started as soon as you have the chance.
As you build up your skill knowledge you will find all of the other benefits of skipping such as, good core muscles, good agility, improved stamina etc will all start creeping in and you ll soon notice the huge differences that skipping makes in your body. 

With a skip-hop rope and a bit of determination (and unfortunately a slightly more balanced and healthier diet than the last few weeks) getting fit in January and loosing those Christmas pud calories has never been easier, cheaper or MORE FUN.