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extra skipping rhymes

Skipping Rhyme 1
Two little monkeys
Jumping on the bed.
One fell off and broke his head.
Took him to the doctor,
And the doctor said
“That’s what you get for jumping on the bed!”
Skipping Rhyme 2
(name), (name) in the tub,
Mother forgot to put in the plug.
Oh my heart, Oh my soul,
There goes (name) down the hole!
Skipping Rhyme 3
I should worry, I should care
I should marry a millionaire.
He should die, I should cry,
Then I’d marry another guy
Skipping Rhyme 4
Gordon Brown went to town
With his pants on upside down.
He lost a nickel,
And bought a pickle,
The pickle was sour,
He bought a flower.
The flower was yellow,
He met a fellow,
The fellow was mean,
He bought a bean.
The bean was hard,
He bought a card,
And on the card
Was “Red Hot Pepper”