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CBBC 'Jump Nation' is underway! Episode 1

Posted on Monday, 11 January 2010 12:54PM by Scott Robert-Shaw

After months of waiting in eager anticipation everyone at skip-hop settled down to watch the first episode of Jump Nation from CBBC this weekend. Find out all about our reviews and comments as we update this page over the coming 11 weeks. Please submit your own comments on the CBBC Jump Nation forum page click here.

Firstly I would like to say it is fantastic to see a television program devoted to the wonderful activity that is skipping. We of course also loved that it was about blending skipping with dance as that is exactly what skip-hop is all about. Look out for skip-hop's very own Aidan Twomey in the opening credits and links. 

The first episode showed 7 teams competing to be allowed to progress to the next round 'Jump Camp'. The idea was to put together a routine combining skipping skills and dance to impress the judges and make it through to the next round. The 7 teams were Taurus, Loopy Lukes. Flaming Dutchers, Skipits, Pulse, Pump It, and XD.

In the coming weeks skip-hop are going to provide our own views and comments on each performance and invite you to contribute your own views on our CBBC Jump Nation forum page click here.

We need to reveal at this point that we do have slight favourites. skip-hop delivered some skipping workshops at a school in East Staffordshire. We were then looking for some talented guys to help us with our skip-hop skipping skills DVD and we worked with a group of children which included the four that went on to form the Pump It team. When the BBC phoned us to ask if we could recommend any teams it did not take long for us to think of the guys that went on to become Pump It.

This is how we rated each skipping routine delivered by the teams competing to be the best in CBBC's JUMP NATION episode 1;

First up were Team Taurus - These guys had a background in Karate so with good core strength and self discipline we were hopeful of an athletic performance. We were not disappointed with a good display of double unders and other individual skipping skills. We also liked the push up skill within the double dutch routine which was commented on by the judges. As you might expect from a Karate team the performance was very serious, maybe they can improve on that if they progress to the next round.

Next team were the Loopy Lukes - This routine was varied and included individual skills, partner skills and double dutch skills. We were also impressed with the efforts to make the moves in time with the beat of the music which is a difficult skill. We also thought that the skills performed were of a higher technical level than some of the other teams, a point not picked up on by the judges. The routine was one of 'skippers' trying to introduce the dance element. We liked the routine.

The Flaming Dutchers were up next. These guys were double dutch skippers and we thought that the routine could have done with more individual and partner skills. The routine was creative and some complex skills were attempted. One of the more difficult aspects of double dutch skipping is the rope turning and their rope turning let them down a little on the day.

Then came Skipits. We were impressed from the start with these guys, bags of personality and a good demonstration of individual and partner skipping skills. We did think that the double dutch side of things could have been a little better represented in the routine. Fantastic 'fancy feet' work going on, fabulous footwork skills! 

Pulse were up next and their routine was the best so far for us. Good movement around the floor they made good use of individual skipping skills and partner skills and also double dutch. We saw some snappers in the clips of them practising and hopefully we will see more of this if Pulse progress to the Jump Camp.

Then Pump It. As we mentioned we knew what to expect from these guys and they did not let us down. Pump it showed a real effort to bring in the dance side of things on top of their good levels of skipping skills. It was great to see them performing the Chinese Wheel! It was a shame that the leapfrog into double dutch did not come off for them but I hope we will see more if they progress to the next round.

XD finished the routine section of the show with a very impressive dance performance. We thought that the skipping side of things was greatly under represented in thei routine which was a shame but they were very entertaining. Maybe we will see some development of skipping skills if XD make it through to the next round.

The judges discussed the routines and decided that Loopy Lukes and Flaming Dutchers would be the teams that they would not take to the next round. A great disappointment to both teams who obviously put a huge amount of effort into their routines an acquitted themselves beautifully. Unlucky for them but well done to teams Taurus, Skipits, Pulse, Pump It, and XD. We look forward to seeing how you deal with 'Jump Camp'

Well done to the BBC on such a fabulous program, we loved it and look forward to meeting 7 more teams next week and watching to the rest of the series.

If you would like to learn more about skipping please take a look around our website as we have tons of free resources for you to download to help you get skipping. Good luck and remember at all times to have fun.

the skip-hop team.

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