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11th January 2010
hi i think it it is cool amd i would like to enter with my team soon. - catherine
i really like skipping and i would like to join very soon. - Hanna
woa woa woa woa woa they were all so brill i suppose.  i really wish i could skipp like that - Katherine
i relly want to join jumpnation so i just want u to kown
bi - arij
Hey, jump nation is amazing, great they finally got a skipping t.v programme, team GB which i am part of was on last weekend and are on this weekend again also. Hope you like. :)
great to see everyone getting the benefits of jump rope.
Dont forget to read up about the World Championships in july we would love to see lots of people supporting jump rope.
beci - The GB skipping team "Blue and White Rope Skippers - studley
For more info on the World Championships click here Scott - skip-hop

12th January 2010

hey when Aiden and someone else came to our school i was so exited and couldn't wait untill i started to jump around i realy liked it and thourght that aiden was jokes :D and i wish u  guys could com to our school again
priya jessa - malorees - London
So amazing to see Pump It on Jump Nation. Stars of silver screen and skipping skills DVD to be sure!!! Tom and the guys are doing themselves, their school and us proud. Good luck to everyone and happy skipping. Surely now everyone is gong to see the true benefits, both health and creativity-wise, of one of the best activities around - SKIPPING!!
Lee Collinson James - skip-hop
I love it. Team Taurus are my favorites. Go Taurus - Nathan - Walton on Thames
13th January 2010
Yooo, Amazing to see skipping in the UK is starting to emerge from the underground and make its way into the mainstream. Loving the performances so far, PUMP IT...Rock my world. Amazing kids, amazing skippers and theyve got the motivation to keep challenging themselves in jump rope. Good luck to all the competitors. Skipping's on a rise people. We jump ropers are taking over.
Aidan Twomey - skip-hop - Croydon
15th January 2010
i really like jump nation i would really like to enter my team we can jump really fast and do tricks we could beat everyone there if we just had a chance - chelsea - girls model belfast school for girls- belfast
16th January 2010
Loved Jump Nation this morning and the dancing was AMAZING!!! I loved the skipping last week. But my favourite team is definitely PULSE!! - Harry - London
i want to go on jump nation kiera - tanshall primary - glenrothes
I'de love to join jump nation can i be in the next one how can i? - Star - Blanchelande - Guernsey

17th January 2010

hey i am hattie from jump nation xxx i LOVED the experience on the show! - Hattie - North East
18th January 2010
i love watching jumpnation and hope that i will be in it - Ayah - Peter gladwin primary school - Brighton
hi I relly want to be on the show please - michaela - wath central primery school - wath
i wish i was in jump nation but i dont now how to get in there - izzy - st annes park priamry school - bristol
Hey i need 3 more girls so i was thinking if u ppl can join me thx thx thx laters - Arij - vauxhall primary school - london
i love skipping i am great at it jump nations cool but i prefere a challenge :) - lydia - norwich

19th January 2010
hi catherine i want to join ur grop - arij - london
i luv skipping i would love to jump nation!!!! - faye - chetwynd - nuneaton

20th January 2010
hey i would love to join because i love skipping i do 1000 skips a day - xchante - luton

21st January 2010
OMG! i ♥ PULSE! They are so good at skipping and seem like really nice people to work with. I WANT THEM TO WIN! They ROCK to heaven! :) - Anna - Canstructions' Secondary School
23rd January 2010
my friends are on this x x - rosie - berkhamsted
i love wathching jumpnation it makes me wanna skip - arin -colindale - london
i love it soooooooooo much and love to be on it but how? - anu -st peter - london
Hi I am Lewis from Team Taurus!! we werent that good this week but dont worry because we get a lot better!!!! hope everyone who watches it likes it a lot!! - Lewis - Oxford
26th January 2010
It is nice to see that not all the teams involved are skippers. It will encourage other kids who have not been skipping before to have a go at skipping, and show how much fun skipping can be. - Amy - London
27th January 2010
OMG i love SLAM there so goood! - amber - hatchford brook - solihull
28th January 2010
such a good show they are all o good i now skip and aim to be as good as them - Tammy Mildren - plymouth hospital school - plymouth
29th January 2010
i really want star steppers or taurus to go through because they try ther hardest - Melissa - medway community primary school - leicester
i think skip hop was great they came to my school and i was one of the last two people left i won the competition and i think team taurus are great please vote for them - Rimi - mora primary school - cricklewood

30th January 2010
cool show want to enter myself next time!!! - Ellen - St.Monica's Catholic Primary School - milton keynes
31st January 2010
I really like it and slam all the way! !go slam!!!!!!!! also i think that starsteppers are also good!! - Aisie - Kent
OMG! Taurus were awesome yesterday and Dan was back to his best :) sorry to see Fourfit go, they were my faves :( Kevin - Telford
my fave team is slam hip hop and bally dancers are a great mix they are great dancers and also skippers. - amelia - pixton
Very Upset we jumped out at Jump Academy. Brogan was expecting it after the performance from the other girls in the dance routine. This is Brooke speaking by the way! All of us are still into our triathlons and we are skipping and dancing still. We are all hoping for the Skip-its or Taurus to go all the way! - Kiera, Brooke, Brogan and Nicole - Benfleet Primary School, Hadleigh Junior School - Essex
I think that the Tricky Triathletes did brilliantly considering that their team background was not in skipping or dance. To learn those skills in such a short time and to learn them well enough to perform them in time with each other and the music would have been very tough. Well done to them for getting as far as they did and I am glad to hear that they are still skipping. (skipping is extremely good for your fitness levels by the way). Scott - skip-hop
Taurus is the best team!!! skipits need to be more serious but TAURUS is the team. dun kno!! - Kyle - London

1st February 2010

I agree that the skipits need to be more serious but they are such fun! And did anyone see the outfits for next week, they look AMAZING :) - Kevin - Telford
Double dutch is no mean feat. Thought they all showed great application and dedication. In front of the judges is enough of to give anyone the jitters, but in fron the nation....Someone had to go and it's not easy to pick one team but can't help thinking they got it right again. Best Foot Forward - sort those ropes! Slam, XD, Taurus - looking good. Pumpit - cheeky as ever and scraped through but deservedly so. Skipits - nice snappers. Star Steppers -nice exit. Pulse - quadruple under!!?!?!? Rather you than me. Love the chant by the way, Taurus. Is there an extended remix? -  lee at skip-hop - Dorking
Taurus's coach Mary has posted a preview of what Taurus had to do for this weeks show. It's a puupet routine apparently.
http://  - Gavin - Oxford

3rd February 2010
I can't wait until Saturday! lol - is anyone else excited about Jump Nation Stadium? :) - Kevin - Telford
Hi this is Pulse!!! We loved the experience of Jump Nation, it was soo fun!!!!!! We loved both Academys becuase it was good meeting everyone involved, even though it was hard work!!! Keep watching!!!! :) xx - Sam, Caitlin, Sophie and Esme - London

5th February 2010

Pump-It all the way!! We love them and have started skipping to be as good but can't do doubledutch yet. Pump-It 2 win ♥ - Kelsey & Beth - Withington Girls School - Manchester
6th February 2010
Go Skipits!!! so happy they stayed xx Pump-It were the best no doubt x Im going 2 apply next time x - Jemima - Barmouth Primary School - Barmouth
7th February 2010
PULSE TO WIN! They seem like such nice people and I wish I could meet them! I also loved their hospital routine! - Kate - London
Hi , i lov double dutch!!!!! and i lov skipping, how can i enter the compation coz i just lovvvvvvv it !!! im 10 now i realy wnna enter!! plus ilov pulsee - Sanah - widden primary school - gloucstershire

8th February 2010

go slam!!!!! - kirsty - moseley
go slam!!!!!u rock. - lee - birmingham

9th February 2010
Hi guys :) i hope this comment doesnt sound to cheesey :L but i just wana say all the teams were brillaint and im glad we still keep in touch with some of them but thankyou to everyones whos watching and who espeacially like SLAM! ;) thanks for the comments keep em coming (Y) xxxx :D - Annieeee :) - st.wilfrids - Pontefract
I was really feeling the first stadium episode on saturday. Think its fantastic to seee the improvements that have been made over the weeks on all of the teams. Loved the performances by XD and SLAM. The bar is being raised, they all know what they need to do to take it up a level. So looking forward to next weeks. Fantastic effort. Keep Skipping. Aidan - skip-hop - Croydon

10th February 2010
After being 'roped in' (sorry - bad joke!) to watch the show by some of my pupils, I can honestly say I'm converted :) Skipping is a great way to keep fit and we are phasing it into our School. To the teams on the show - you are in inspiration to others your age, so keep up the good work! - Mr Gardner - Pendeford High School - Wolverhampton
omg! I had no idea i lived soooo close to Slam!!! x I cant believe it, Annie is amazing and I love them! they MUST win for all my class. go ANNIE and SLAM :) - Year 6 - cobblers lane primary - Pontefract!
is there going to be another series of jump and skate nation - curtis - hertford

11th February 2010

I think the standard will be like so high for Stadium Show 2. I don't want Pump-It or Skipits to go out. Can't wait to see all the routines and the bar raised x - Kevin - Telford
Hey guys was just looking back at some of the comments, and would like to say that we have been skipping on mainstream tv for the last 5 years, and thats one of the reasons Jump Nation came to the British Rope Skipping Association to help with the format of the show, and we are all hoping there will be a Jump Nation 2 :-) all the teams look great, but Taurus are my favourite,cant wait for our next coaching session together guys :-) - Beci Dale - Blue and White Rope Skippers - Studley

12th February 2010
hey year 6 cobblers lane :D i love just up the road from your school me and slam will have to come in some time and see you all if you would it? thankyou for being supportive :) - Annie  (SLAM) :) - st.wilfrids - Pontefract
What's happened to the poll???? Torus seem to have got 160 votes in 1 day?? Now Xd are dropping back!! Vote Xd!!!! - Jezza - Enfield
Nooo! :'( Pump-It are gone :'( they could have won! Charlotte, Ethan, Rosie and Tom - you were amazing and did yourselves and everyone who knows you proud! Keep skipping! - Kevin - Telford
Hi im a 18 year old Hip Hop and Streetstyle Dancer and i was amazed when i saw the show for the first time. I love the commitment that these young people have shown and i wish them the best of luck to all of the teams !!! :) Never give up and enjoy !!! :) - Donckels Kristof - Aalst
hi, we think xd is the best team in jump naiton because they are super stars. soooooooooo that is why I have gave you my resalts - Georgia - elmwood - west dulich
I have just been watching Jump Nation (13.02.10) today with my Grand-daughter who is 6 and we both thought it was so unfair that they sorted out Team Taurus girls skirts and did not do anything about the boys trousers in Team Pump It, as both outfits were giving them problems in their first performances.
My granddaugher and I thought it wasn`t fair for the final Jump off !! - Grandmother.
I just watch Jump Nation on BBC2. I thought Pulse were amazing and the surely did deserve those three golds. I think that it was a little unfair that Pump-It went home; their outfits caused the mistakes in the ropes and so did Taurus but in the skip-off Taurus had their outfits cut to prevent the mistakes. Pump-It should have stayed. - James - Sunbury
we couldn,t believe it today in the showdown taurus against pump it!we really wanted pump it to go thru but unfortunatley not!!which is so sad but now with the 6 teams left our vote go's to team either slam or XD!!!!! u rock! - beth and abbie - west midlands
hiya,i really wish that either slam wins or XD,but i really want slam to win - Abbie Welsh - hobmoor primary school - west midlands
Can't believe pump it went out. They were fantastic! My eyes is on skipits now because Lara is my cousin and i Love her! xxxx - Lydia - North East
!!!! Annie said hey to us !!!! omg that what u said be soo cool :D we have 2 ask Mrs Tullet tho.prob to be were AWESOME today!! should been 3gold xx we want SLAM to go U.S.A! X - Year 6 - cobblers lane primary - Pontefract
i think jump nation is so cool i hope i can enter next year with my group.!!!!!!!!!!! - sophie - camestone lower school - kempston

12th February 2010
Hi Everyone, I'm Ciara from XD! Thanks for all your support you guys are so cool :) Hope you are enjoying the show and keep voting for XD on this website! Thanks again guys :) x - Ciara - XD - Barnet, London
XD are so kool with a k!There just brill! - kyra - st.pauls - birmingham
sad to see pump it go out :( keep skipping pump it x - :) - burton
Hi its Ethan from team pump it. I would like to thank you for all your votes and kind comments. We really enjoyed being in Jump nation!! thanks :) - Ethan (Team pump it) - mosley primary - burton on trent

15th February 2010
i want slam,xd,taurus,skipits,pulse and best foot forwad to win.they are soooooooooooo cool i x them all - safa omar - northbury junior school - dagenham
omg omg! i love slam there brilliant lydia and annie i love you two your amazing! GO SLAM! :D- Jenny - Leeds

16th February 2010
We were really sad that team pump it were gone and we really wanted them to win the showdown.courtney was shocked to see that team pump it out of all the teams i want teams slam, xd or skip it's. GOOD LUCK TO THESE TEAMS.HOPE U GET THRU THE SHOWDOWN.BYE! -via , Becky, Jade, Courtney and Lottie - Swanshurst secondary school - Billesley
17th February 2010
i love you skip-hop! hey!adian, what's your favourite trick in skipping? - sooyeon - wood farm primary school - york road
18th February 2010
Go Taurus! You are awesome. Dan is my brother and I love him so much. Lewis is like a brother to me too and I love him as well. I want to skip like them and I hope they win :) - Finn - Oxford
Vote Taurus. I love them, especially my brother Dan! xx - Lili - St Aloysius School - Oxford
Keep up the good work Taurus. You work so hard and deserve to do well. We are voting for you. :) - Janet - Scunthorpe
OMG i cant belive taurus and pump it wer in bottom 2 they both did great last weak but im supportin taurus all the way they should win. - Shaniece - west midlands
i would like to apply but how  - anu - london
i think slam are really hot - Gareth - Calidacot - chepstow

20th February 2010
I really, really don't understand why people love Taurus so much! Someone please give me a reason, okay, they are alright skippers but they just lack a big chunk of personality! I personally think that Pump-It should have stayed because they have a HUGE personality and are good skippers as well. I want Taurus to go. Bye Bye - Jade - Allbrook School - Hampshire
Go Slam!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! like some of the others to but slam are my fave shame to see pump it and best foot forward go out :( will that curse end for slam - Sebastian Roberts - Radstock
hi im lauren from star steppers im reli glad loads of people like jump nation keep on watchin xx i hope u have a good time watching just as much as i did doing it! - lauren - john bentley - wiltshire
Taurus were great and showed plenty of personality when doing the Haka! And I have to say, I think the right team went this week. Slam are so unlucky :'( all 4 have now had injury or illness. It wasn't the same without Skye! :( - Kevin - Telford
Jade, Taurus definitely deserve to stay because they are fantastically talented and entertaining skippers, who clearly work incredibly hard. They are engaging, bright, articulate children who love skipping with a passion and have inspired many children in Oxford to pick up a skipping rope. - Katharine - Oxford
I LOVEEE THE SKIP ITS, THEY AREE AMAZINGG <3 Beccaaa, Georgiaa, Laraa and Charlottee. And Taurusss areee amazingg too! - Lucy - Beaconsfield

21st February 2010
love watching jump nation makes you want to get up and do it, cool - heather - whitehaven
Even though they were in the bottom two last week they came back fighting this week! Keep it up guys and fingers crossed your be in the final :) - E - Go Go Team Taurus :D!!!
Hi everyone, we got our team together for jump nation (the skipper chix) and were going to enter but by the time we did our application it was too late :( we all hope it is on for another series as we all soooooo want to come and show what we can do!! we are loving Slam and Robyn and Leiah love the skip its cause they are just like them always wanting a good laugh!! :) bye x - Sami, Brogan, Leiah and Robyn :) - London
i am from a team called the skipper chics and we neerly entered jump nation but we didn't. i love slam and skip its but best foot forward a fab too! see you x bye bye - robyn - north london
hiyaa!! so sad we couldn't enter now we have seen what an amazing experience it would have been! go SLAM!! skye, lydia, annie, melisa!! and the skipits :) - brogan and robyn - london

22nd February 2010

Jump nation is banging. Unlucky for going out PUMP IT. Keep up the good work everyone else. favorite trick has too be, errrr...either a double under into a caboose cross, or varous triple unders. Yours? - Aidan Twomey - skip-hop - LONDON
i cant believe tat slam got a bronze in the last week it was so sad of the judge like simon cowell to give them tat wen they wer a three nd taurus wer so good and suprised the judges poor best foot forward cant wait for the quater final bye !!! - Sakina - medway primary school - leicester
I love SLAM hope they win  Skye and Lydia are the  best. On saturday it wasn't the same without Skye!! - Eve - York
Katharine, Taurus really are too competitive. Everyone thinks there are so amazing, but during their performance all you can hear is a group of people shouting "TAURUS, TAURUS" which is really annoying, it may be their family and friends, or maybe the audience; I don't know, but its annoying! I am allowed to have an opinion and that is it. Does everyone have to be Taurus fans, no. I am a Pulse fan is that alright with you? Do you like Pulse?? Anyway, I don't like Taurus; they should leave the competition and definitely NOT win! Jade :) xx - Jade - Allbrook School - Hampshire

23rd February 2010
I'm sorry Katharine, but i totally agree with Jade. Although I do like taurus, apart from their annoying karate, I think XD are true competitors the can dance and skip ok to. Although I think PULSE will win! - Darren - St Mary's - Richmond
hi my friends and i's dream to be on jump nation we practice a routine, warm up and skip around the playground are you going to be doing another show cause we would love to be on it it realy is are dream ive looked at other comments and seems like everyone els wants another show we would love to be on it pleeeeeeeeeeeese do another show iv been thinking about everyday and thinking about how great it would be to be on it all of us watch it so pls dont ruin are dream!!! - Emmie - Hulme Hall Grammer School - bramhal
Now the competition is getting towards the end, it would be interesting to learn if any of the teams are still performing. For example, although SLAM were only formed for the competition, you can see Annie and Melissa singing and dancing in cabaret at the Carlton Social Club near Pontefract this week and then Annie, Lydia (with possibly Skye) are rehearsing with Jump Nation choreographer Gary Lloyd for the upcoming "MOVE IT" dance event at London Olympia in March. - Larry - Sheffield

24th February 2010
I love jump nation. I am doing a year five talant show and I am doing skiping in it. My best team is skip Its and - sophie - old bexley - bexley
Taurus were fantastic this week and showed everyone why they're still in the show.  They work together seamlessly as a team and each have a great personality - Jade don't understand your comment at all.  The boys make me laugh each week with their comments!  The girls were so co-ordinated this week it was amazing to watch.  Go TAURUS Go. - Sarah - Oxford

25th February 2010
Great programe love taurus and pulse.Really hope it is coming back for a second series - stacey hertfordshire - presdales - ware
whoop whoop ....jump rock nation it ... - gracey - poulton le sands - Morecambe

27 February 2010
there brilliant and they should go through - Amber - headlands - york
 I love jump nation and all the teams too i always get up in the morning just to watch it but one mistake i think the judges made slam went out its y i watch jump nation i like all the others too but the judges have made a big mistake :( - Sebatian Roberts - Radstock
Sorry to see Slam go :( Everybody knows how awesome they were and hopefully the girls know that everyone knows if that makes sense lol. And why were Skipits in the bottom 2 again!? The audience dont seem behind them :'( but i now hope they win!!! - Kevin - Telford
i lurv it.i would like to join them,and i like 4 teams xd slam pump it and taurus - Ayaz - english martys - preston
i thimk the best one is the XD!!!! - aylin - park road
Well i think is bad tat the judeges didnt let slam go though the semi final nd is second chane for skip its - Samantha - Medway Community School - Leicester
hi, i soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo think xd is geting on that plane.I am bursting for anothere series because i have thorgh of a team [the rocking robers] - georgia - elmwood primrey school - london
I didn't know why you had to leave Slam. you are the bestest team that i love. I wish you didn't have to go Slam. Remember how good you are. Go slam  - Jocelyn - Northbury junior school - Barking
Hey! I watched Jump nation today and I thought that all the teams did great! Sad to see Slam go because they are from near my hometown and I'm supporting Pulse and Taurus now all the way. Slam you really rock I thought it was so unfair that the skipits got through after 3 jump showdowns. GO TAURUS AND PULSE! - Funkymunkey - West Yorkshire

28th February 2010
OMG taurus u r sooooooooooooooooooooo good i really loved ur rugby 1 good look taurus remember ur the best team ever go taurus - Shaniece - wolves

1st March 2010
Jade - I think you ought to calm your messages down.  Everyone's opinion is worth listening to but you seem to really have it in for Taurus which is a real shame.  ALL the teams have a right to be in there - the judges and the audience choose who goes through.  If the audience are chanting Taurus there's nothing the team can do about that.  Sorry to see Slam go this week but the competition is getting really tough.  I hope all the teams enjoy their time on the show. - Sarah - Oxford

2nd March 2010
can i go on jump nation with my group black out - gibby - st hellens primary school - almonsburry

3 rd March 2010
Thanks for the positive "SLAM" comments. All their performances are archived on YouTube plus some of their appearances in other shows. Go to:-  - Larry - Sheffield
I really like Skipits, Pump it, XD and Pulse!! Pulse to win!!! =D - George - London

4th March 2010
Wow, it isnt only me watching. Think all the teams are great and really impressive. I agree with Darren - I admire XD who are great dancers and haev picked up the skipping really well; likewise Taurus are clearly great at martial arts and have repeated that with the ropes. Also Larry from Sheffield - Taurus just came 3rd at the UK Hip Hop Championships in the team section and XD MUST be performing somewhere (too good to stay at home surely!). Not surprised to hear the Slam girls are performing too. I don't want Jumpnation to end - but I guess the teams do... - David - Manchester

5th March 2010
hello katharine I think you shouldn't talk to children like that becuase it is mean. Anyways Team Taurus cannot skip and those karate moves look like they are from club penguin. Pulse and XD bring happyness to my TV whereas Taurus just smash it! - Cane Days - Park School - Middlesex

6th March 2010
hi i watched it today and wanna support XD as there my best but cant belive skipits got through - frey - anuneaton
Bye bye Skipits :'( You were the best and always fun! - don't ever lose that! I hope you carry on skipping and win more medals :) good luck x - Kevin - Sutherland Business & Enterprise College - Telford
YoWow i think i am good at skipping but these kids are awsme!! - Katie - George Abbot - Guildford
Does anyone know where Taurus are from?? x - Katie Babeez x - Blackpool
i love taurus because  do karate too ad its great! i dont believe how people are saying that theyre really annoying! theyve got tons of personalty and take it seriusly but stil have fun! - zoe f. - london
my friend zoe told me to watch jump nation and i love it! i read some of the other comments and though that Jade was being really unfair becase she was tauking to one ofthe teams mum! - millie - aberdeenshire
i like jump nation so mutch!!My faviourt to win at the moment is turaus.I really hope there is a new series this time next year i cant wait to see some more fabulas teams!! - amy - chesterfeild
JUMP NATION IS MY FAVE PROGRAM!!!!!!!!i love seeing the different skills and performences using the single and double dutch ropes. I also think that it encorages people to have a go at skipping, well me and my freinds have certainly started skipping more becuase of the proggram. At the moment the compertition is getting tougher, and i think the team that will win, will be the team that puts the most effort in, and from what i have seen so far i predict that touraus will be getting on that plian to america. - monko - chesterfield
PULSE!!PULSE!!PULSE!!PULSE!!PULSE!!PULSE!!PULSE!!PULSE!!  - pulse - chesterfield
Hey it's Liam from XD, after looking at some of the comments made, i would like to say a massive thanks to all the supporters; XD lovers or not, and that my time spent on jump nation has been life changing, a joy meeting new people and as you can guess an experience i will never ever forget. finally to all the partisipating teams i would like to say thanks for creating and sharing this journey with me.XD   :D   XD - London

7th March 2010
i love jump nation is there gonna be another series? - monko - pilsley primary school - chesterfeild
me and my friends have been playing double dutch for ages. Even though were not that good we are desparate to get on to jump nation!! :) - Victoria - st josephs primary school - milngavie
come on tauras ur amazing :) tauras to win - freddie - oxford
Team Taurus are doing brilliantly and I am very happy for them for getting into the final. They have worked very hard like the other teams to earn a place in the final! Good Luck Taurus and all the other teams in the final :) - E - Oxford

8th March 2010
Jade - just to answer your question - I am a huge fan of Pulse and all the teams who made it to the stadium shows. I am very much looking forward to the final this week and wish all the teams the very best of luck. Go Taurus! - Katharine - Oxford
Hey Guys!! This is Scott from skip-hop. Thank you all for your fantastic comments. I have a quick message for all teams that appeared on Jump Nation. We will build a web page for each team if you would like one. Please send in any text, photographs or links to videos that you would like. Tell us about your experiences on the show. What have you been up to since? We will not publish the pages until after the final so you can say what you want about events right up to the end. skip-hop has over 12,000 unique visitors per month so your pages will get a lot of hits! Your fans will miss you after the series so what better way to keep in touch. Scott - skip-hop - Dorking
To Scott of skip-hop, that is an amazing idea about the web pages! When I love a programme it's always sad when it ends and you don't see the teams again. :'( to stay in touch would be brill so we all know they are still skipping! - Kevin - Sutherland College - Telford

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