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CBBC 'Jump Nation' Episode 4 'Jump Academy Pro' (Double Dutch)

Posted on Tuesday, 02 February 2010 09:11PM by Scott Robert-Shaw

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Welcome to the skip-hop review of episode four of CBBC's Jump Nation 'Jump Academy Pro' (Double Dutch). Nine teams are left to compete for a position in the 5th round 'Jump Academy Pro' but there is only room for eight teams so which team will be the one to jump out this week?

As anyone who's ever attempted double dutch knows, it's hard. Three people (minimum!) all working together in perfect harmony and rhythm, communicating, cooperating and observing, constantly throughout the entire routine. Turning the ropes in itself is a difficult discipline let alone getting in. Turners have to adjust constantly depending on the skippers speed and position, slowing an arm down if they enter too late, speeding an arm up if they enter too soon. Once in, it's all go and anything can happen...By the way, nice to see lots of beaded ropes in use!!! If you want to learn for yourself how to perform Double Dutch skipping then visit our Double Dutch skipping skills page for more information

The double dutch disciplines covered were not only rope turning but also the following: pull away, push up, double under (or snappers), speed and the all important, gymnastic exit. Once the basics were mastered, the displays begin!

Best Foot Forward in the practise round, shame about the rope prep but this is quite easily done, especially with beaded ropes. Nice pull always, good exit. When it came to the performance, they pulled it out the bag. Lots of energy, lots of smiles all round, SUCH an improvement. No wonder the judges were impressed. Well done guys

Slam - after a tight practise performance delivered a wow in the main performance by combining the newly learnt double dutch skipping skills with their natural dance flair. Great to watch!

Fourfit - delivered a slick performance but played it a little safe. Didn't impress the judges. May not be enough against some tough opposition, we shall have to wait and see.

Pump It - disappointed with a below par performance, seems that they are starting to work better as a team but they will have to pull together some better performances if they hope to progress in this competition. Points for a great attitude though with their cheeky delivery. You can't help but think that they love their skipping!

Taurus - Great attitude, great approach. Full of energy and creativity but still delivered the technical double dutch skipping skills.

XD - Despite obvious tensions within the team this week, the performance was simply excellent. Lots going on and delivered in their own inimitable style.
Starsteppers - As one of the teams with a skipping background we were expecting a higher level of technical skill. This may have been the opportunity to let their skipping impress. This would have compensated for their weaker dance experience. Enough to get through?

Skipits - Once again this week the judges picked up on a very laid back attitude. We thought the fancy feet inside the Double Dutch ropes was refreshing to see. I think they will have done enough this week but will they learn to show the determination that will get them to the final.

Pulse - Great attempt at the quadruple under during practise. Also some nice speed steps and they seemed to be having such great fun. The ending could have been a little punchier but hey that is just us being picky!

We are seriously impressed both with this great show and all of the teams that have taken part. Each week the standard has improved and everyone has moved up to the challenge. We are assured that the next stage 'Jump Nation Stadium' takes the excitement up a yet another notch. However for one team the axe had to fall. Unfortunately this week it was Fourfit who left disappointed. Sorry to see them go but once again cannot wait to see how the other teams fare with the new challenges on next weeks' Jump Nation.


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