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CBBC 'Jump Nation' Episode 3 'Jump Academy'

Posted on Saturday, 30 January 2010 01:03PM by Scott Robert-Shaw

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Welcome to the skip-hop review of episode three of CBBC's Jump Nation 'Jump Academy'. Ten teams are competing to go through to the next round 'Jump Academy Pro' but there is only room for nine teams so which team will be the one to jump out?

First off the teams are given their own colours Starsteppers will be in Dark Green, Skipits - Dark Pink, Best Foot Forward - Yellow, Slam - Purple, Taurus - Dark Blue, Tricky Triathletes - Pale Green, Pump It - Pale Blue, XD - Orange , Fourfit - Pale Pink and Pulse in Red. This should help us recognise everyone better!

The Jump Academy is over two days, in the first Academy day five compulsory skipping skills will be taught and each team will need to demonstrate their grasp of these skipping skills. The skills taught are Crosses. Double Unders, Rope Releases, Wraps and the Travelling. If you want to learn some of these skills yourself please visit our skipping tricks pages. So after a thorough warm up the teams were taught the skipping skills that would be tested and then left to practice them before the final test in front of the judges and the other teams. The teams were battling not only with one another but also to overcome problems with missing team members and sometimes within their own teams. Due to the varying backgrounds of the teams they each bring a different set of skills to the competition and also different attitudes and levels of team working ability and discipline which would all be revealed as strengths and weaknesses with each team. I must point out that learning these skills and preparing four (or in some cases three) team members to perform them as a synchronised display is a very tall order in one day! Let's see how they all got on.

Taurus nailed it for me, simple routine but everyone together. perfect.
Starsteppers without Lois got through the routine with no major problems.
Skipits - as skippers you would expect them to shine but they seemed to want to show extra skills in a more complicated routine but the synchronisation element suffered a little.
Best Foot Forward again struggled with the keeping in time side of things, as dancers they would need maybe more time to get these new skills practised until the synchronisation comes together.
Slam - These guys did well I thought, showing that they had worked hard on the new skills, as dancers they should know the importance of smiling! One team member down though seems to have knocked their confidence.
Tricky Triathletes. many comments made by the judges regarding the fact that these guys come from a sporting background where individual performance is important but that they needed to learn to work as a team. The lack of togetherness was certainly evident in their performance. I must make a point though that given their backgrounds, learning all these new skills and putting them to music is a tough ask!
Pump It - Despite the team not getting along as they might, it went all right on the night with Ethan pulling of the Double Unders!
XD - Twins struggling with the skills and it seems that this is dividing the team a little. Maybe it would be good to work with the skills of the least proficient team member and go with that.
Fourfit - Nice performance, these guys are dancers but they delivered the skills simply and nicely.
Pulse looked technically good but these guys look nervous. A big smile would go a long way to make a good routine look great.

The guys then unwound with a game of dodge ball which was promptly won by Starsteppers. I wonder how this augers for the rest of the competition.

The second day was about bringing the dance element to the routines. Each team would need to include the compulsory skills but would also need to bring their own creative contributions. It also meant another day practising the skipping skills and of course another day for the tension and increasing stress. It will be intersting to see how each team copes - or doesn't!

On to the final test and we will see how each team did and how they were rated by the judges.

Taurus stepped up and we were expecting good things from these guys but disaster stuck. The routine seemed to fall apart, Dan took it all on his shoulders and seemed to take it hard. Let's hope they did enough, these guys are growing on us at skip-hop and we hope to see more of them.  
Starsteppers seemed to be getting a good act together but where are the smiles, where is the performance darlings! (said in an over dramatic West End stage type voice)
Skipits - Very relaxed, too relaxed? These guys know their skipping but they need to be delivering more energy and to convince us that they are the best.
Best Foot Forward as dancers need to nail these new skills and synchronisation failed to impress but did they do enough to convince the judges?
Slam - I think these guys did better than they think. Obviously the confidence is a low, you get the feeling that if they get through and back up to strength with all four members they might shine further on in the competition.
Tricky Triathletes. looked to me like Brogan had a routine that she was familiar with and it was simply a step to far for the others to learn in one day! Can't help thinking a simpler routine might have enabled everyone to keep together. Again the individual skills pulling in different directions with this team.
Pump It - Seems like another day of in fighting with these guys. Performance was not bad at all. If they can learn to work for one another and get a feeling of camaraderie in the team I think these four will shine. But have they done enough today?
XD - Twins struggling with the skills and it seems that this is dividing the team a little. Maybe it would be good to work with the skills of the least proficient team member and go with that.
Fourfit - Grace drops out due to illness and I think it knocks the rest of the team, a hastily rearranged routine suffers a little. Will it be enough for them to scrape through?
Pulse - great performance, well done. again though the 'show' attitude need to be improved. If these guys could put a confident 'strut' alongside their great moves then they could be favourites to go all the way. 

Well the end of another great show with one unfortunate team having to be left behind. Tricky Triathletes were the tam chosen by the Judges not to progress to the next round. Commiserations to them but congratulations to the other teams who progress to next week's 'Jump Academy Pro' where they will be put to the test with Double Dutch skills.

Good luck to them all and we will see you next week.


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