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brand new skip-hop jump rope

Posted on Thursday, 11 November 2010 12:49PM by

The brand new skip-hop Jump Rope – Worldwide Patents Pending

*Incredibly fun and healthy world of sports and freestyle skipping.
*speed rope converts to freestyle trick rope with Xtenders (sold separately)
*designed and tested by professional skippers - world wide patents pending.
*shaped on ergonomic principles, comfortable to use and turns beautifully.
*bring a new dimension to your skipping whether beginner or experienced.

A brand new and unique concept in skipping. The new skip-hop jump rope (speed rope and extenders combined - (extenders sold separately) is an innovation for both sports/fitness and performance skipping. The brand new skip-hop jump rope hits Amazon this Christmas and is truly one-of-a-kind. . . . . .

We couldn’t find the perfect rope on the market so we made our own! 18 months in development, the new skip-hop speed/jump rope has been designed and tested by the professional skippers here at skip-hop. The handle has been shaped on ergonomic principles to make sure it is both comfortable to use and turns beautifully.

The cable of the skip-hop speed rope provides a lightweight fast turning experience. It rotates smoothly and is designed with durability in mind for regular use. If through heavy use on concrete or tarmac the cable wears out, we supply a low cost replacement cable which will avoid replacing the whole rope. Use as a speed rope alone for a good value, highly beneficial sports skipping experience.

The skip-hop speed rope can also be converted into a freestyle trick rope with the use of the skip-hop Jump Rope Xtender. sold separately)

With the addition of the skip-hop Jump Rope Xtender also available from Amazon (sold separately);you are not simply purchasing a quality speed rope to use in the gym, garden or driveway. . . . .  The skip-hop rope comes into its own with skip-hop’s patented handle Xtenders. A normal ‘shorter’ length speed rope handle encourages the skipper to use a small amount of movement in order to rotate the rope at speed. The screw-in extenders then transform this brilliant speed rope into a freestyle ‘trick’ skipping rope by providing extra handle length and therefore extra control of the cable's movement. More control enables the skipper to perform various rope manoeuvres fluidly and with added confidence. In addition the different handle hold position provides a different skipping experience and a brand new workout.

Whatever you feel your level of skipping is, be it an experienced freestyle trickster or someone new to the exercise, the skip-hop Jump Rope will add new dimensions to your skipping.

If you are looking for a new, diverse and cost effective way to get into shape, then the skip-hop Jump Rope is a great place to get started. If you are a confident skipper and have used or regularly use skipping in your exercise routine, then the skip-hop rope extenders will bring new levels to your skipping workout. When using the extended handles, movements such as crossing your arms, double-Anders or skipping with one hand behind your back, with practice, become easy to perform.

With the release of the unique skip-hop Jump Rope, which is available in both adult and children’s sizes skip-hop has reaffirmed its position as the number one authority in everything skipping. We look forward to both introducing you to and increasing your involvement in the incredible fun and healthy world of sports and freestyle skipping. All you need to get fit for 2011 and take your skipping to a new level is a skip-hop Jump Rope and some space to get started.

Get a new attitude towards fun and fitness in the New Year, get a skip-hop speed rope and Jump Rope Extender, get skip-hopping!