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Aidan Twomey

A brief background about Aidan…

Throughout my younger years sport took up the majority of my time, from Trampolining to Mountainboarding (big crazy skateboards with pumped up wheels flying down hills at 30mph) I competed at many regional and national competitions. Later on through my teenage years I discovered I wanted to dance. I love music, and dancing was something that filled that little space that many other sports had not.

Academically I studied sports for two years to gain a BTEC National Diploma in Sports Development and Fitness and also other industry recognised professional qualifications. It was then time for me to get myself out into the big wide world and into the industry I had trained to work in. I had already worked with children voluntarily, part time and full time, since I was 16 including children with complex needs and challenging behaviour. I now wanted an opportunity to develop these skills.

In summer 2008 I became acquainted with skip-hop founders Scott Robert-Shaw and Lee Collinson-James. I realised the message they were trying to broadcast to children and adults all over the UK and Ireland was the same message I wanted to teach. Basically everyone benefits from an active lifestyle. If you can deliver this message in an exciting way you will inspire more people to get involved! From January 09 i was part of “the team” and went on my way trying to inspire and motivate to hundreds of different people every day.

Eighteen Months On……

In the last year and a half much has happened in my working life, with barriers to overcome and huge personal journeys to make. Looking back on it now it has been a sensational period of learning for me. Trained by and working within the skip-hop family I have gained an amazing sense of fulfilment. I have travelled to some of the most amazing places, from the most southern points of England to the most northern points of Ireland and everywhere in between. I’ve met some of the most amazing people. I’ve worked in schools of 2000+ children and I have also worked in schools with less than 50. Every school has been different, some more challenging than others but all have been an absolute pleasure. For the first time in my life every morning I wake up not knowing what to expect and having to deal with things as they come at me. This is what I love about my job.

I started in skip-hop as at 18 and after training I was released “into the world” and I write this now as a 20 year old filled with the same excitement and passion for skip-hop as I had when I started. I can now perform moves with a skip-hop rope I had never imagined or thought were possible. I am part of the skip-hop ‘movement’ where we are re-defining what skipping looks like. We have taken something that was perceived in some areas as being dated and created something that people have a real desire to be a part of, something that is just plain…cool. This is skip-hop.

If I can encourage just one person to take up skip-hop this year, I will feel that it is an achievement. skip-hop changes fitness levels, it changes whole schools and in many cases it changes lives for the better. That is our mission here this year.

I am writing this just before the start of another academic year and I am very excited to get back into schools this is what fuels me into pushing myself to places that 2 years ago I never imagined I would be. Who knows, when I update this again next year, my story may have changed again completely.
Until then all I can say to anyone who is thinking about getting in contact or starting skip-hop themselves…JUST DO IT. Who knows where it might take you.

Peace out & keep skipping.

Aidan Twomey

Hi Lee,
WOW....Aidan was fantastic, every member of staff made a note of thanking me for arranging the event and how brilliant Aidan was. He was in huge demand at lunchtime with the children, even the Ofsted inspector thought he was great and mentioned him to me! A huge thank you and please pass on to Aidan how happy we all were. I did manage to speak to Aidan and mention that I am arranging an activity week for just year 5 and 6, and fingers crossed if dates and money all come together we would love to book him again, just to work with those two years?
I will be in touch as soon as possible  about it. Again a massive than you, we would certainly recommend your company to other schools.
Yours - Jackie Allan - Sulivan Primary School

Hi Lee, I wanted to write to you before this to feedback the week to you as I know for us all it is about evaluation but it has been manic, I’m sure for you too!!

Aiden was (as expected from your company) an absolute star and I was so impressed with his enthusiasm and interaction with the schools and especially the children. This is a valuable skill to have and he probably had it a bit tougher as I am a coach is so many areas and stuck around, however he showed exactly what skill and dedication he had and was a complete asset to you,(especially in working with such a busy timetable). I and my schools were highly grateful and impressed and he had even turned around the opinions of some of the hardest children and teachers!!

The children absolutely loved it and the impact was massive. Higher enthusiasm within school, willingness to try more new things, better self esteem and confidence, and very importantly in my opinion, they are keeping active in playtime and after school by bringing in their skip-hop ropes! He covered about 1000 children and they all have continued with skip-hop into this week, and are all still talking about impressing Aidan when he next visits! As you know we hosted the teacher training morning in which we had 24 teachers and coaches and again they were so positive when they left and highly enthusiastic about incorporating more skip into playtimes, afterschool and curriculum!

It is highly unusual to have that many who have chosen to come to a training course so it was highly valued. I believe teacher training and getting the enthusiasm from the teachers to continue is where we need to develop as they have already started to see where the children value it and the impacts.Please pass on not only my gratitude and thanks to Aidan for a job well done, word of mouth goes a long way to promote things and your company have already got a fantastic name with us on the Isle of Wight.

Please also pass on my e-mail address so he can send me resources for all the teachers. Again thank you- another excellent week - Carol Ward - Carisbrooke Central Cluster Extended Services Officer

"We had a fantastic day on the 30th April. I filmed the floor show and photographed the skills, so we are working away on them. We could really see the difference in how the children approached their second workshop. They loved it and learned so much. A big thanks to Aidan for all his energy and motivation." - Maria O'Connor, Presentation Primary School, Tuam, Co Galway

"Dear sir, we’ve just had Aidan Twomey coach our kids on Monday last. Both himself and the content were brilliant. Aidan has a lovely way of encouraging and praising the kids. It has taken the school over with skipping fever. I can't thank or praise Aidan enough. Well done."  - Deasun Lyons, St Enda's N School, Co Sligo

"Everyone at Annyalla National School had a great day skipping with Aidan.  The kids are still skipping on the yard during play times.  Aidan had a fantastic way of engaging all the children and teachers during the day.  We hope to have you back in the future to our school and thanks to Aidan for showing us his skipping skills."  - Donagh Nugent, Principal, Annyalla National School, Co Moneghan

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