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7 reasons why skipping is great for school age children

Posted on Monday, 23 February 2009 07:40PM by Scott Robert-Shaw
 Of course there are many reasons why skipping is great for everyone but here are skip-hop's top seven reasons why skipping is of particular benefit to kids!

  1) Great for developing hearts! Your heart is a muscle and like any other muscle it gets stronger with exercise. Enjoying frequent physical activity like skipping enables your heart to become stronger. learn more

  2) Helps lay down healthy bones.
Your skeleton grows stronger if you do regular weight-bearing exercise. An activity like skipping that puts stress on the bone is recommended for children as it helps to stimulate optimum bone mass in developing bodies. Not only is this great now, it also helps guard against osteoporosis in later life. learn more

  3) Improves and prepares muscles for other sports.
Whatever sport you play or want to become good at, skipping will help. Many top athletes use skipping as part of there training to develop fitness levels and explosive speed. 

  4) Brain gym. Skipping helps with many aspects of mental ability including those which will help with sport, movement and rhythm, and problem solving. With all the skipping tricks that are available you will have plenty to keep your mind occupied. learn more
  5) A++ academic achievement.
Studies have shown regular exercise improves concentration levels. Further more a short five minute blast with a skipping rope between lessons will increase blood flow to the brain which is your bodies way of 'putting on your thinking cap'!

  6) Teamwork.
With the team games available like long rope games and double dutch games and also partner skipping you will have to work together to succeed. Why not put these skills to the test in the virtual skipping league. coming soon

  7) Goal achievement.
From the very start skipping is about mastering skills and achieving goals. With practice you can advance to some of the tougher skipping skills on our skipping tricks section or why not work towards the Bronze, Silver and Gold Skipping Awards. learn more